Trending saree colors for your Muhurtham!

Weddings are a grand treat for everyone and it is almost a week of excitement with wonderful traditions and emphasized rituals of each event. Surely weddings are no less than a festival that includes ample planning which calls in for a world of chaos. The main highlights of any kind are the beautiful kind of love that exists in the atmosphere and many other factors like the décor, food, guests, etc. The trousseau of the bride and groom is something to look forward to in every wedding ceremony. A bride’s muhurtham saree or attire and the way she wants her day to be the best is not just a day’s hard work. 

South Indian weddings are full of joyfulness and enthusiasm and are only a tad different from North Indian weddings. A bride’s muhurtham saree is always purchased in rich and auspicious color with the belief of a blissful marital life. Modern brides are surely picking lehengas and gowns over the traditional six-yard sarees but the majority of them surely drape a saree for the muhurtham. 

Here we are going to be listing out a range of Muhurtham saree colors which is best suitable for any Indian bride. 

1. The color of nature

One of the brightest yet lifelike colors in the palette is green. If you would have observed in a South Indian wedding, many wedding guests or the women from the bride’s family, wear some breathtaking pure Kanchipuram silk sarees. A green-colored muhurtham saree will make you look amazing and you will surely turn out to be the center of attraction in the whole room. A contrasting red or maroon-colored embellished blouse is an intense hit for this saree. 

2. The cuteness of womanhood 

It is naturally known that women always have a soft corner for the color pink. For some, it was the favorite color in the world in their earlier years, but there are some who wear the shiny pink color always. Whatever, be the case the love for the shade never perishes. There are many hues of pink like coral, hot pink, baby pink, orchid pink, etc. They would be lovely on fair-skinned brides and heavily embroidered green, dark purple, royal blue, bright yellow colors are some excellent choices for the blouses.

3. The royalty of a queen 

Blue color always has sort of an alluring effect to it, let alone to sarees. They give out more of a confident look and it never fails to impress. South Indian brides mostly purchase blue muhurtham saree that either have a golden zari border or a contrasting colored blouse. This way the blue color of the saree doesn’t seem very overpowering and can become a trendsetter too. 

Definitely for a midnight blue Banarasi saree a light color like off-white or beige, red, hot pink, multicolored striped or floral shades are the top choices for blouses.

4. The creativity of the sunset 

Sunset is one of the most astounding things to watch in our life. Similarly, the color orange has an appealing effect on anyone. A bride wearing an orange-colored muhurtham saree with beautiful and heavy golden ornaments is a sight that is so hard to miss out on. A full sequined golden blouse or contrasting colors like blue, yellow, red can also be better options for blouses.

5. The symbol of sophistication

Millennials always create ideas that showcase their creative personality to the world in the most miraculous way. Brides of this generation work with colors like pastels, lavender, sea green, etc. So darker colors are also making their entry into many bridal apparels but definitely in a brighter manner only. So violet or purple can be the best examples here. Purple does a really rich and striking look to the person. Complete this look with a silver or a mustard-colored blouse which has some pleasing motifs too.

6. The glittery magic 

Heavy golden embroidered sarees have been striking sixers in the wedding industry since forever. They are most famous in Kerala where they go by the name Kasavu sarees. These golden sarees will look breathtakingly when paired with a maroon or navy blue blouse. As for jewelry, brides can surely try out some multi-colored sets or antique jewelry would be just fine. They mostly opted for temple marriages where it shows off the bride in a more promising and elegant manner. 

7. The passion of a bride

The red color is assumed to be powerful and it has a godliness quality to it. Legends have it that the red color is a reflection of Goddess Durga. It is said to be a sacred color as it represents fertility, wealth for the family. The most important meaning behind wearing a red-colored muhurtham saree is commitment is the ultima for love. 

Still, brides carve for red color outfits in at least one of their events. One can beautifully team up a Kanjeevaram or BanarasiChiffon saree with any other vibrant colored blouses, dark or light. Wear some matching accessories along with it and level up your imagination in all directions. 

8. The Xanthopile effect

We have saved the best in the last. Yellow is a color that is full of energy and positive vibes. So imagine the bride up dolled in a yellow embellished saree and she smiles at the audience, that is where true beauty lies. As usual, you can swirl your brains and get a nice blue, red, or purple colored blouse stitched up for this wonderful silk saree. 


We have a lot of innovation that is happening in the wedding industry with everything and the major job is being with the dressing department. The brides can now discover many colors like unique colors of green, blue, orange, white, etc. They can also experiment with combining two or more colors together and create a masterwork. 

South Indian brides have a lot of inspiration from their grandmother’s wedding saree to the variation that pops up in Instagram feeds. So there is something for everyone and your number one is to find your piece and feel really good about it.

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