Types of Saree Fabrics you should know about

We, Indians are always proud of our rich heritage and our traditions. People from all around the globe get astonished with our old rituals and how we keep up with them to date. The logic behind these traditions is not something that everyone can agree or understand and that is what makes Indians the most distinctive people on the Earth. The devotion towards our nation can be publicized in many brilliant techniques and one such way is by our exhibiting our ethnic wear. Out of our infinite choices of Indian wear, the one outfit that we can name as the most accustomed yet civilized clothing is sarees

One of the most priceless treasures that our country has discovered is sarees. They can be seen in different ranges in every Indian state and they do have their own significance. Just like the rapid changes in the stock market, the fashion industry also has tremendous changes every minute, so though sarees are an outdated item they have never been replaced but they just keep getting better and flawless for all Indian women to be pleased of. 

We happen to know some of the well-known fabrics of saree and they are worn for various purposes and trials. In this blog, we are going to elaborate on fewer or never-known saree fabrics that have extended the beauty of India to every corner of the world in an exquisite manner. 

1. Cotton sarees

Cotton sarees are considered the ‘queen’ of all sarees as they are known for their ability to withstand heat and maintain the body temperature of the person. They are available in a variety of conventional and vibrant colors as well. 

2. Georgette sarees 

When we think about summers, the one thing that makes us take up the topic easily is lightweight sarees. Georgette sarees are a wonder when it comes to comfort combined with beauty. They are made in plain colors or with embroidery works that make them much appropriate as workwear and party wear too. 

3. Banarasi silk saree

The dreamy trousseau of every Indian bride, these Banarasi sarees are really intimidating and they will make you feel like a princess on the throne. Beautifully twisted with the silkiest threads of gold and silver, Banarasi sarees are best suited for grand receptions and these heavily embroidered sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe.  

4. Chanderi saree

Chanderi saree is a wonderful blend of lightness and sheer transparency that are made from the state of Madhya Pradesh.  It is similar to our cotton silk sarees with the only difference being, it comes with a border of zari work. 

5. Net sarees

The illuminated definition of modernism, netted sarees are a classic collection that has always been around the town. It is fully designed with a blend of both embroidery and sequin work which makes it too alluring and gorgeous to go unnoticed. They have to handle with care and they are not well suited for the hotter days. 

6. Chiffon sarees

Made out of twisted yarns of cotton, silk, nylon, rayon, these chiffon sarees are known for their slim and weightless texture. A favorite among overweight women, these saree fabrics are very delicate by nature and are worn by all age groups. 

7. Kanjeevaram silk saree

The wondrous South Indian version of the Banarasi sarees, pure Kanjeevaram silk sarees have been like the mandatory bridal attire in every Hindu wedding. Now since many are deciding between bridal lehengas or floor-dropping gowns, these sarees are still cherished like an ancient handloom in many Southern households. 

The golden zari work of motifs of peacocks, temples, flowers, and many other historical aspects. The beauty lies in the weaving method where one can find the pallu and the body of the saree after being stitched separately are wound together in an amazing zig-zag pattern. For a morning wedding, dark orange, rani pink, scarlet red are some marvelous options. As the sun goes down, pull out those mesmerizing navy blue, wine purple, emerald green, ivory shades of sarees, and get set to dazzle.  

8. Organza sarees

One of the recent sensations that has all girls falling in love with sarees is the magnificent organza sarees are a huge addition to the saree family in the recent past. They are too very lightweight but they are a little distinct from chiffon or crepe sarees. Their base has a coarse texture over which one can always observe hand-painted or block-printed with neat designs of patterns and floral motifs. 

9. Linen sarees

A fabric that is well-thought-out to give a tough competition to the cotton is derived from a plant-based fiber called the flax and the outcome is the mind-blowingly stronger linen sarees. They are made with higher sweat absorbency capacity which leads them to be a bit expensive than any other saree fabric.

10. Jamdani sarees

Jamdani sarees hail from the neighboring country, Bangladesh. They are a popular type of wedding attire in the West Bengal state. Made from the subtle fabric of muslin, they are soft and have traces of cotton in them. 

11. Kota silk saree

Kota sarees are made in Rajasthan and the making process is very different when compared to other weaving methods. A white cloth that has prints or motifs already printed on them is soaked in colorful dyes. It is dried out for several days and a mixture of onion and water is added to strengthen its fabric yarns. Kota sarees are generally made with a balance of cotton which gives a stiff look and silk shows off the brightness. 

Final thoughts

To conclude, sarees and their exclusivity are a different world in themselves. Each of these above-mentioned saree fabrics has a different purpose, appropriate for all or only a specified event or climate, must be draped in a certain manner only, etc. So if you haven’t tried out any particular saree kind, then check out our website Mirra Clothing right away. We have an enormous range of sarees and blouses to choose from and they all come at very handsome prices. So, what are you waiting for? Make the best use of our sarees collection with slashed prices and do share them with your friends and colleagues. 

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