Monthly Archives: March 2022

Look Royale in Patola Silk Sarees – the pride of Gujarat

Hot Pink Banarasi Silk Saree with Pan Patola Weaves

The royals of India and in other parts of the world have a unique spark in them that put them at the top of the crowd. More in their gestures and body language, it is their clothes and accessories that speak highly about them. Each country has its staple wear that it’s proud of. In […]

Slay in the Trendiest Sequin Georgette Sarees

Ombre Purple Georgette Sequin Saree with Hand Embroidered Border

Saree is an ageless polished beauty that has been popularly worn by Indian women. Many varieties are found in sarees. The characteristics differ from colour, tailoring method, drapes and most importantly the fabric that is used. Now, we are aware of the large number of fabrics that are involved in weaving elegant sarees. Silk, cotton, […]

Latest raw silk blouse designs that are trending this season

Royal Blue Raw Silk Blouse

Wearing and owning silk sarees is a beautiful milestone for every woman. Imagine when you open your wardrobe and find impeccable silk sarees each of which are of a graceful colour. These are some magical moments that you can pass on to future generations. Flaunting a pure silk saree is not easy work as you […]

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