Top 5 blouse colors that go perfectly with your red saree

Imagine you go into a showroom in search of a beautiful saree for your best friend’s wedding and you have to see a magnificent red-colored satin saree which is gloriously designed with golden peacock and flower motifs. You purchase it even though your mind shouts how expensive it is, but your heart can’t resist its charisma. A red saree when paired correctly with a perfect blouse will give more definition to them. The color red is applicable for any event but you must be carried away by only this Sometimes, a red saree can prove to be a disaster for a day wedding or a formal meeting too. Red itself is just too alluring and so its usage must be done properly too. 

For a red saree to look more good-looking and decent at the same time, some smart work can be done. The best method is an admirable blouse in an engaging color with some interesting designs too. So in this article, we are going to share five blouse colors that will look too nice on our Indian women. 

1. Blue colored blouses

In the list of some contrasting blouses for a red saree, first up is a royal blue colored blouse which can make the outfit have its own followers. If you think blue is an outdated color and it will just spoil the entire look, then think again. Royal blue or sky blue blouses work perfectly well with red sarees and vice versa too. For a casual outing, wear a plain satin red saree with a backless royal blue blouse. For a conventional occasion, have the blouse stitched with gorgeous golden motifs and embroidery work. 

2. Golden colored blouses 

A golden-colored blouse goes well with any colored blouse as it adds a dose of royalness and a much brighter glow to the person. So you can go in with a golden-colored silk blouse that is full or 3/4rd sleeved and finish off the look with some heavy gold or diamond jewelry. 

If it’s a casual meeting you are getting ready for then a simple pendant with some golden danglers will be an absolute delight. Golden colored blouses can save you time and money and it literally looks flattering on any saree. So if you do not have a dazzling golden blouse in your wardrobe, then you must purchase one from our store, Mirra clothing. With the right measurements, we would love to stitch a golden blouse according to your preferences because it’s a one-time investment and we don’t want to give you any reasons to be disappointed. 

3. Black colored blouses 

Another surreal choice of color for blouses for the gorgeous red saree is the black color. This unique color which can change the overall effect of the saree has been an all-time favorite for many celebrities too. A plain black colored blouse or a black colored blouse filled with floral designs works best on red sarees. It fits the red sarees of any fabric and any event too. 

Women can finish off this look with some wonderful statement earrings and a bun-up can also work wonders on this modern look. 

4. Green colored blouses 

This is a classic combination that can never go wrong for anyone. If you’re dusky-skinned or you have a wheatish complexion, it is a perfect fit for all Indian skin tones. A bottle green colored blouse that is completely embellished with sequins and golden zari work is an absolute winner at a festive event. It works flawlessly well even when you combine a green saree with an eye-catching red blouse. 

All varieties of green are really a great choice for the red sarees, but if you want any suggestions you can check out our website where you will find all your expectations becoming real. To top it all up, just pair up the blend with some light makeup like dark smoky eyeliner and nude lipstick. 

5. Yellow-colored blouses

Just the color yellow is enough to chase away the Monday blues and shine brightest without any additional effects or extra accessories to highlight them. It is a great color that is not too tacky but just right to lift up your spirits in this summer season. From the start, we know that a red saree is just a great mood booster, and adding up a yellow colored blouse will just increase the heartbeat rate of everyone in the room. 

Pro tip: To add more of a dramatic effect, you can replace the hooks on the front side with some buttons and at the back, you can get a big bow that takes it to another level. 


Surely one can wear a well-designed red colored blouse for a gorgeous saree, but where is the fun in that? Fashion is all about mix-match and experimenting with variant colors in a palette. In this way, you can select some wonderful blouses for yourself and also discover which suits you at all times. 

Mirra clothing has a variety of excellent pieces of blouses that are worth every penny. We also provide the exclusive option of custom stitching where you can chat with our group of experts who will turn your vision into reality and have your masterpiece delivered to your doorstep. 

Do not miss to check out our fabulous collection of red sarees in every fabric that is there and you will be amazed at the remarkable ranges and designs that come from. 

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