Monthly Archives: December 2021

Which types of sarees must one wear for a wedding party?

Teal Blue Banarasi Satin Saree

Weddings are always special for everyone irrespective of the culture and environment the wedding rituals take place. Being a part of these traditions as a wedding guest is not an easy job. From deciding the right kind of jewellery as per the fads of the season to being a hands-on bridesmaid, you are bound to […]

Floral Printed Organza Saree | Trending Collection

Peach Organza Silk Saree with Embroidery

Floral prints have created many magical moments and experiences for many people through their natural artistic beauty. Be it on clothes or décor, they create a delightful vibe that can easily turn the whole setting into an unforgettable event.  When these lovely print forms are combined with an age-old organza fabric that is quickly making […]

Saree Styles Inspired By Bollywood Divas

Malvika Mohan in Purple Saree

Every trend and style that exists in the whole fashion industry is either inspired by western world culture or popularised by our very own celebrities of the cinema world. From the early 80s period to the millennials of this age, have always designed their dressing wardrobe according to their favourite divas or handsome machos from […]

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