Top 5 Trending Silk Saree Designs to look Gorgeous this Diwali

Diwali is all about laughter, fun, colours and refreshing traditions that were created by our ancestors. Getting to eat many delicacies made by the super compassionate women of the house and wearing different types of dresses for every puja that happens in each relative’s home is sort of a beautiful culture that we Indians follow. We know for a fact that women always opt for the nine yards drape for every festival and now that Gen Z has shown much interest in sarees, thanks to the numerous online sites, it has been a blast ever since. But if you are confused as to where to buy the best quality sarees online at reasonable prices, then check our website, Mirra Clothing. We have a wide collection of saree for this Diwali festival from the known to the latest saree fabrics and in many exceptional hues too. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the best silk saree designs that are very well suited for this Diwali season. 

1. The same old tradition 

Sometimes having everything done in the way it was done in ancient times can seem boresome and tiring. Even rules are meant to be bent flexibly. Sarees, though famous from an earlier era has changed many phases and has come across many trials successfully. 

This Banarasi saree is plain but one cannot foresee the shine and glam that it exhibits when draped around with just a single pleat. When this kind of saree is paired with a contrasting blouse, precisely of a darker shade, then it can become an unbeatable combination. 

This saree will look more exquisite when women wear it alongside some glorious antique earrings and maybe a long neckpiece can finish this tidy look amazingly. 

The pink colour is becoming a hot colour these days and all variants of it are wonderful in their way. So, a saree that is gracefully weaved with a baby pink shade can make everyone believe how the pink colour also looks breathtakingly good even for adults. 

2. The Southern magic

The Southern states are well-known for their aromatic spices and hardworking weavers who have led to the discoveries of many legendary sarees from this region of India. Similarly, Mangalagiri silk sarees are originated from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. Mangalagiri sarees are very different from any other sarees, be it the type of weaving or the way it is dimly embellished. 

One unique design that one can observe in a Mangalagiri saree is that the pallu of the saree is usually designed with thick golden borders. There is limited work done on the saree, besides small temple motifs or simple geometrical patterns which are all associated with the tribal communities. 

 In the beginning stage, these sarees were utilised to drape the Southern deities in temples and now it is been dutifully been worn by devotees too. 

Now, this saree is one of the best to wear this Diwali. They are being manufactured in bold shades and are also being enjoyed by many, especially in the wedding season. 

3. The lighter air of drapes

When we open up about sarees, the general opinion to anyone is that this single piece of garment represents our unadulterated cultural values and also it gains much respect from everyone.

Women may feel like it provides a lot of conformity. Sarees that give much freedom and joy in draping them are the best types. Tissue sarees are one such variety that affords the peak level of beauty and it is suitable for kinds of occasions. It showcases our curves most admirably and it is easy to maintain. 

Golden coloured saree is a delight to wear this Diwali season and easy to maintain as well. They can be easily paired with any colour and size of accessories and trust me, each of them will give an inimitable look to the wearer. These golden tissue sarees are not every heavy to uphold and a black or a dull golden-hued blouse that is amazingly designed can be a perfect balance for this look. 

4. The floral bouquet

Nothing is more charming than wearing a saree that shouts out gorgeousness in its every angle. A saree that is wholly filled with wonderful motifs especially those with every kind of flower-like roses, lotus or traditional motifs can be draped with much delicateness. 

Designing a saree with the flawless kind of motifs like these needs utmost dedication and undivided attention that is brilliantly done by our artisans. For a heavily designed saree like this, even a simple looking silk golden blouse can do wonders to the entire look. 

The sarees that are weaved in each part of India have their significance and there is an exceptional story behind it all. Similarly, these silk sarees are also produced with the best produce of silk threads and it is done like it is the first time. 

5. Georgette sarees like never before 

The silk sarees are usually very silky and smooth, sometimes they can be heavy due to their appearance or as light as a feather. The only thing that matters is that it must be draped in the right manner, then all sarees can be well-suited for every woman. We all know how the georgette fabric is in demand for a long time now and it is much needed for anyone who is always on the run.

When this sharp georgette fabric meets with the top-rated Banarasi fabric, then it is got to be a masterpiece. Imagine a lightweight georgette fabric when weave together with the best quality Banarasi silk and completed with some beautiful looking motifs, that is ought to be the next biggest trend in the Diwali silk saree collection. 

The zari work surely adds additional pleasantness to the saree. A contrasting backless blouse that adds in the extra oomph needed for the outfit and the accessories can be limited for the saree to attract the most attention on the occasion.  

Final verdict

This is the list of the wonderful and elegant silk Diwali saree collection that has been exclusively selected by our team in Mirra Clothing. We hope that you buy that graceful saree that will help you to cherish for a lifetime and you would come back often to purchase more beautiful sarees from us. We wish you and your family members a very prosperous and safe Diwali and Happy Shopping! 

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