Mirra Wallet (T&C)


Wallet Terms & Conditions

What are the benefits of taking refund to Wallet?
Faster Check-out by using Wallet which means you don’t wait for refunds to source which take (0-7+ days) and use money to buy other products immediately after return refund.
Does my Wallet expire?
NO, Your Wallet will be active for lifetime and you may use Wallet to buy our products anytime and this credit doesn’t have any expiry.
What is the maximum validity of Wallet?
Wallet Credit has maximum life expiry time for credits added to your wallet.
How do I use Wallet to buy items on Website?
You shall be able to use Wallet as a Payment method available at the checkout. 
My wallet icon is the missing or not visible in menu ?
Do not panic ! You must be “logged-in” to see the wallet icon and your credit. 
Why wallet button is not appearing in checkout?
Wallet option will be visible only when the cart value is equal to wallet amount. So, it could be used,
For an instance say, if you have a wallet amount of Rs.8000, the wallet option will be visible only when the cart has items equivalent to Rs.8000 or more.
How do I check balance in my Wallet?
You need to sign-in your Account in Mirra Website and go to your My Account from there you shall be able to see the Wallet Menu and clicking wallet menu will display Mirra Wallet Balance amount.
Do I need to have an account on Mirra App/Website to use Wallet?
Yes, Wallet requires a Mirra Clothing Account.
Can I decide the amount which I can pay from the Wallet and the rest from other payment options?
Using wallet credit to pay for an order is optional. You may opt out of using  all wallet credit or  use all wallet credit combined with other payment gateway.
How can I add money into Wallet?
As of now,  we have one way of adding money in Wallet only by Refunds – Your refund amount of returned items will be reflected in Wallet.
How much money can be accumulated in my Wallet?
You may keep / add Wallets of value up to Rs. 1,00,000 and more can be used to buy products with www.mirraclothing.com at anytime.
Can I redeem Wallet to Cash?
You may not redeem Wallet for Cash. Wallet is also not allowed to be transferred to Bank, Other E-Wallets. It can used to purchase  our products listed in www.mirraclothing.com only.
Can I buy items on other e-commerce websites with Wallet?
Wallet can only be used to purchase products at Mirra Clothing Website. It cannot be used to purchase or pay for anything on other ecommerce websites / apps.
Can I transfer my Wallets to another Mirra Account?
Wallet cannot be transferred to other Mirra users accounts. It can also not be used to pay for purchased being made by other Mirra Account users
What happens to my Wallet if I am not able to access my Mirra Account?
Your Wallet Credit account is still active, you may reset you Mirra Wallet Account password or take help of customer care team to gain access to your Wallet Account.
What happens if someone uses Wallet from my Mirra account without my permission?
You need to protect your Wallet Account. If someone gets unauthorized access to your Wallet Account, they may use your Wallet Credit to purchase products only at our website only.
So we request you to use only OTP login for safe and secure transaction..
What happens if I return the Items which I have bought with Wallet?
Wallet credit will issued only for return and exchanges. So, you cannot return / exchange the product  purchased via Wallet Credit. 
Can I pay for an Item partially from Wallet and Partially from other payment options?
Yes, you may use other payment methods available to pay along with Wallet Credit. However, the money shall be deducted from Wallet Credit first and the remaining amount can be paid through other available online payment methods.
If you choose the balance in your Wallet, Whole Wallet Credit will be used first and the remaining amount, if any, might be paid through other available online payment methods.
Can I decide to not pay through Wallet, even though I might have amount available?
YES, If user has Wallet Credit balance, then it is up to the user to use it, however if Wallet Credit is being used then the order value will first be taken from Wallet Credit and the remaining order value, if any, shall be paid by other available online payment method.
Is there any maintenance charge for keeping Wallet?
NO, There are no maintenance charges for keeping Wallet Credit Balance.
Is there any minimum amount to be maintained in Wallet Account?
There is no minimum amount to keep in Wallet Credit. It can go upto 0.00 as well.