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Banarasi silk sarees were the favorites of royalty. In the initial making of this saree, it was made of pure gold, and silver threads were used. Banarasi silk sarees are truly a masterpiece of excellent quality and even the precise details of this form of sarees are well covered. Banarasi sarees silk has many intricate and intricate designs woven into the six yards that make this saree stunning. The banarasi silk saree is renowned for unique weaving patterns and designs that reflect the influence of the Mughal era on Indian culture. It is one of the oldest forms of sarees and has been a favorite since the days of our great-grandmothers and is still famous among millennia today. The fabric used for a traditional Banarasi saree is fine silk, but there are other alternatives like Jamdani sarees and Banarasi georgette sarees which use a blend of silk and cotton. Even with technology, Varanasi still uses hand weaving techniques to weave intricate patterns with gold and silver threads to make these Banarasi sarees. These beautiful and elegant sarees have become very popular and the first choice of all women when it comes to sarees. Their trendy and exotic weavings by designers who use zari, patterns, and emeralds have become a favorite among women around the world. Shop for pure banarasi silk sarees online with custom blouse stitching on Mirra clothing. We have the latest collection of zari worked pure banarasi saree for weddings and parties.

Persian designs are also included in Indian designs to create floral designs distinct from the saree in use even today. Banarasi silk sarees were originally adorned with real gold and silver threads for the royal family. These Banarasi silk sarees are usually made with silk thread which is a perfect combination of bright and subtle colors. They make a perfect garment to take away for small festivities with them a rich and elegant finish. Women of all ages prefer soft silk sarees due to their lightness and softness of the fabric. The Banarasi silk sarees are famous for their brocade and zari works. Zari’s work is basically the weaving of thin threads of gold, silver, and copper to create beautiful patterns and patterns in the fabric, while brocade is the interweaving of threads of silk, gold, and silver to create a unique and intricate fabric used in both designs as well as appliqué techniques. Other works used on the Banarasi Sarees are minakari work, goldwork, and jaal work. The weavers make sure not to use a lot of zari in the soft silks to maintain the soft texture of the fabric. you can shop these pure Banarasi sarees online and look chic every day.

New Banarasi Silk Sarees for Wedding in Various Colours and Designs

Mirra Clothing offers you all the latest designs banarasi silk sarees online of your choice and requirements. Shop for Banarasi sarees online with Mirra clothing in stunning colors such as pink, red, navy blue, green, orange, black, beige, gray, rust, off white, rain pink, brown, cream, yellow, olive color, peach, purple, and magenta, etc. and many more designs. The banarasi silk sarees online with price in India and worldwide on Mirra clothing is affordable for every buyer. Our new collections of Banarasi saree designs are very different from others. Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life, putting together the perfect outfit for the occasion is no easy task. Here is a practical guide to choosing Banarasi sarees for weddings. While traditionally women go for red sarees, for morning weddings you can also choose lighter colors like peach, cream, powder blue, pastel shades, lime or mint green, the light pink. For a nighttime ceremony, go for darker shades like fiery (red, yellow, orange) rust, emerald green, wine, or deeper shades like emerald green, pomegranate, wine. Are you tall or short? Do you have a muffin top and love handles or are you slim and slender? Either way, your wedding saree should complement your body type and highlight your best features. If you are tall and slim, go for Banarasi sarees with heavy embellishments, larger patterns, bright colors, and heavy edging, for example, raw silk sarees, Tussar silk sarees, or silk sarees. Banarasi net in large prints

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate rituals before and after marriage. Every occasion is an opportunity to flaunt your traditional sartorial senses in beautiful silk sarees. For morning rituals, you can choose original banarasi sarees for wedding, These hand weaving sarees or contemporary charm pure chiffon sarees that are gorgeous but easy to carry. Modern-day Banarasi sarees have continued to include a myriad of fresh and creative designs and patterns. The borders of Banarasi Saree are generally wide and decorated with these handcrafted techniques, making them regal and full of grace. The Golden Banarasi saree borders in zari and jhalar work are particularly popular.

If pretty ladies, it’s time for you to explore the fashionable world of Banarasi silk sarees online shopping. Before heading to a crowded mall, check out our Mirra Clothing online store which sells such pure banarasi silk sarees online. You will certainly find a saree to suit your exclusive style and preferences! Don’t think much, just sit in front of your computer and order Banarasi sarees for the bride from the Mirra Clothing online store before wedding season knocks on your door.

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Helpie FAQ

  • What is Zari Banarasi Sarees?

    Banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in India and these sarees known for their gold and silver zari, the dyed silk and zari threads are wound into the handloom to create a desired pattern for the saree. These zari worked Banarasi sarees are called zari banarasi sarees. Mirra clothing has wide range of zari banarasi sarees of various designs and colours

  • Where Can I Buy Banarasi Silk Sarees Online?

    Shop for Pure banarasi silk sarees online with custom blouse stitching on Mirra Clothing. Mirra Clothing has a latest banarasi saree design in different colours of such as Banarasi Silk Saree with Gold Zari Weaves, Banarasi Silk Saree with Antique Zari and Meenakari Weaves, Banarasi Silk Saree with Gold and Silver Zari Weaves and many more

  • What type of blouse goes well with Banarasi sarees?

    Banarasi sarees look great with a gold trim blouse or a blouse in contrasting color and intense work. It will look regal and heavy. Some of the most favorite blouse designs for Banarasi sarees are Embroidered Long Sleeve Blouse, Embroidered Elbow Sleeve Blouses, Brocade Blouses, Single Elbow Sleeve Blouses, Simple Brocade Blouse, Elbow Mesh Sleeve Embroidered Blouse, boat neck blouse with zari trim, heavy puff sleeve blouses, solid color long sleeve blouse, and high neck sleeveless blouse. You can choose your blouse according to your comfort and style from Mirra Clothing. So many options give you the choice of style as per your requirement.

  • How to wash banarasi silk saree?

    Banarasi silk sarees are expensive and that is why it is very important to clean them properly. So, the correct way to wash your Banarasi silk saree is to put it in plain water for 2-3 times. Use a mild detergent. Avoid using a brush and clean it quickly. Clean his pallu separately as he has more work to do and needs extra care. Do not wash it together with another item of clothing and do not wash it for a longer time. Nevertheless, it is recommended to dry clean it as any kind of risk can destroy the overall appearance of your saree. Following the proper guidelines will keep your new saree fresh.

  • How do you Identify Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees?

    When you want to check the purity of Banarasi silk sarees, always look at the reverse side. It should have the warp and weft grids floating. Besides, the real Banarasi silk saree usually has the golden and silver zari threads which is why they are usually expensive. They have extraordinary motives like Amru, Domak and Ambi. More importantly, the authentic Banarasi silk sarees have the eight inch long patch of solid silk on the pallu. It usually goes over the shoulder. And when you buy them online, check out customer reviews and comments. It will help you get a pure saree.

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