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A Treasure Trove of Wedding Silk Sarees Below 10K

Baby Pink Banarasi Silk Saree with Silver Zari Weaves

Sarees have always played a major part in celebrating every traditional event and festival. They are the best definition of the beautiful cultural traits to describe our nation and its everlasting harmony. Every bride creates a wonderful dream about her wedding attire keeping in mind the trends and likes of society. Though there are many […]

Pure Silk Paithani Sarees- Look charming this Spring in Paithani Weaves

Magenta Banarasi Silk Saree with Paithani Weaves

It can be seen at many weddings that women who belong to the different states of our country flaunt their traditional ethnic wear with authenticity. It may be the wedding guests or even the bride who decides to do so. One of such traditions that are followed in a Maharashtrian marriage by a typical Marathi […]

Look Royale in Patola Silk Sarees – the pride of Gujarat

Hot Pink Banarasi Silk Saree with Pan Patola Weaves

The royals of India and in other parts of the world have a unique spark in them that put them at the top of the crowd. More in their gestures and body language, it is their clothes and accessories that speak highly about them. Each country has its staple wear that it’s proud of. In […]

Slay in the Trendiest Sequin Georgette Sarees

Ombre Purple Georgette Sequin Saree with Hand Embroidered Border

Saree is an ageless polished beauty that has been popularly worn by Indian women. Many varieties are found in sarees. The characteristics differ from colour, tailoring method, drapes and most importantly the fabric that is used. Now, we are aware of the large number of fabrics that are involved in weaving elegant sarees. Silk, cotton, […]

Latest raw silk blouse designs that are trending this season

Royal Blue Raw Silk Blouse

Wearing and owning silk sarees is a beautiful milestone for every woman. Imagine when you open your wardrobe and find impeccable silk sarees each of which are of a graceful colour. These are some magical moments that you can pass on to future generations. Flaunting a pure silk saree is not easy work as you […]

Purple Silk Wedding Sarees: Get praised in purple for your wedding!

Purple Kanjivaram Silk Saree with Handwoven Gold and Silver Zari Weaves

Sarees have been delightful clothing to attire on most occasions. They represent our best traditional rituals most authentically. But living in a modern world is not too easy if we do not alter our lifestyle choices to go with the flow. Therefore it is crucial that we also get trendy styles and colors to choose […]

Bloom in Floral Print Sarees This Spring Season

Offwhite Pure Organza Saree with Beautiful Floral Embroidery

Floral prints make one of the best variants of the dominant patterns and styles of sarees available in the market. Floral print sarees accommodate plenty of frills and design elements, like embroidery designs and intricate floral motifs. In recent times high-end fashion brands often showcase their exotic floral designs and motifs on their premium saree […]

Traditional and Royal: Banarasi Sarees in the USA

Scarlet Red Banarasi Saree with Gold Zari Buttas

Sarees are a delight to be flaunted, irrespective of our origin and birthright. Over the years, they have been categorized down into many trendy shapes and cuts. The sarees have been made suitable that can be enjoyed by both the old and young generation. Sarees have such a craze around the world these days. They […]

Trendiest Silver Zari Sarees That You Can’t Miss Out On!

Silver Tissue Silk Saree with Silver Zari Weaves

The zari work on clothes began to get popularized in the early Mughal era. The shiny gold and silver threads were stitched as brocade in lehengas, sarees, dupattas, turbans, etc. In the olden times, only pure gold was broken down in the form of electroplating. By repeated chemical reactions on the ordinary threads and pure […]

How to Choose the Right Saree for Your Body Type?

Maroon Georgette Saree with Embroidered Sequins

Wearing an elegant saree does not require any special occasion or auspicious time. Ethnic wear is not biased for just daily or festive consequences. They can be worn for any part of the day and venue provided if you are comfortable with its weaves and dignity.  Sarees were created for the women of India as […]

Saree Tips for Plus Size Women

Ocean Blue Chiffon Saree with Badla work

The society we live in has set many norms for women in their every activity. Their thought process about women is that they are supposed to be fair, thin, average build, etc. The women who are on the bigger side of weight have always been body-shamed. Now, in this millennial world people from both genders […]

Must Wear Sankranti Special Black Sarees in 2022

Black Banarasi Silk Saree with Gold Zari Weaves

A festival that celebrates the color of black? A color that is considered inauspicious by our forefathers and the elders of the family, Makar Sankranti is a special occasion where men, women, and children observe this festive occasion with black-colored dresses. But before anything, Check out this blog that gives you a clear insight about […]

Which types of sarees must one wear for a wedding party?

Teal Blue Banarasi Satin Saree

Weddings are always special for everyone irrespective of the culture and environment the wedding rituals take place. Being a part of these traditions as a wedding guest is not an easy job. From deciding the right kind of jewellery as per the fads of the season to being a hands-on bridesmaid, you are bound to […]

Floral Printed Organza Saree | Trending Collection

Peach Organza Silk Saree with Embroidery

Floral prints have created many magical moments and experiences for many people through their natural artistic beauty. Be it on clothes or décor, they create a delightful vibe that can easily turn the whole setting into an unforgettable event.  When these lovely print forms are combined with an age-old organza fabric that is quickly making […]

Saree Styles Inspired By Bollywood Divas

Malvika Mohan in Purple Saree

Every trend and style that exists in the whole fashion industry is either inspired by western world culture or popularised by our very own celebrities of the cinema world. From the early 80s period to the millennials of this age, have always designed their dressing wardrobe according to their favourite divas or handsome machos from […]

Traditional Gota Patti Saree to Enhance Your Beauty

While weaving a saree there are many fabrics and designs involved that makes each of them very unique and pleasant to wear or simply to just admire. It is common for women to choose their clothing wardrobe according to the latest trends and styles that exist around them. But there are many simple-minded yet commendable […]

Georgette Sarees With Zari Work | Exclusive Party-Wear Trend 2022

Black Banarasi Silk Saree In Georgette with woven zari motifs

Sarees are one of the traditional kinds of clothing that were discovered about 3000 years ago. It was introduced into the world with the mere idea of providing women with a type of attire that can protect and give them full conformity as they handle their households. The sarees have taken a great evolution by […]

Mulmul Cotton Printed Saree | An Elegance Perfect For Summers

We all are well aware that in India we get to witness only the summer season most of the time, unlike the other countries of the world. In some way, we are privileged that we do not have to undergo the encounter of the frostbiting cold season but it is too bad not to watch […]

5 Stunning Shades Of Pink Saree | Wardrobe Must-Have

dark pink mangalagiri saree

There is a common myth that is prevailing highly in the whole world that pink is the colour that has been made for baby girls. We would hear of this phrase in our entire childhood. But did you know in the early 80s, pink was considered to be a strong shade and so it was […]

10 Must Have Colors of Banarasi Saree with Silver Zari Weaves

You know how they say that more than the destination, the journey is the sweetest challenge and experience that everyone needs. It is the same for any process. The making of a saree can be tedious by nature, but the efforts and the delight that is received from the weaving process cannot be replaced by […]

Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree 2021-2022

Marriage is a serious but wonderful phase of life. That is one of those days where the environment is filled with laughs and memories. The brides make every effort to look pleasant and the groom has every reason to be worried about the process. The South Indian brides undoubtedly choose an elegant looking Kanjeevaram South Indian […]

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