Top 10 Red Saree For Karva Chauth | Exclusive Collection 2021

Scarlet Red Banarasi Silk Saree in Georgette adorned with Gold Zari Motifs

Every tradition that is followed in India has many unbelievable reasons that are honoured by our ancestors. Those cultural norms have been passed down to future generations and they too earnestly celebrate all these auspicious circumstances with much dedication and joy. Celebrations indicate shopping of ethnic wear and what better than to wear the classy six drape sarees and enjoying the little moments that are worth everything. Red saree for Karva Chauth is special and a fantastic choice. What better than buying some wonderful saree types from the best online shopping store, Mirra Clothing. Here we have the well-known and more saree categories to choose from. 

Karva Chauth is such a celebration where it is believed that if married women fast for their husbands on this day, their men would be blessed with long life and prosperity. This event in modern times has reversal gender roles playing the part. Even husbands observe this day-long fast for their respective wives to have prosperity and happiness in life. 

Which type of Red saree is best for Karva Chauth? 

Red colour saree is the most preferred hue when it comes to buying some elegant sarees for Karva Chauth. The saree fabric can surely depend on the wearer’s comfort level and also their interest. If they are going to be on their toes and have an ample amount of work to get done, then the lightweight organza or georgette sarees is their deal. 

For people who prefer to look like a diva and can manage to handle a little heavy embellished sarees, then the royal-alike Banarasi or Kanjeevaram sarees will definitely be the best choice for them to get excellent reviews. 

Take a look at these 10 types of sarees that are available in Mirra Clothing. Their speciality and development are also mentioned so you can make a collective decision. 

Which colour we should wear on Karva Chauth?

Women are known to buy and wear specially designed varieties of red shaded saree for Karva Chauth as it has been labelled as the most conventional and propitious kind of sarees. But as times are changing rapidly wearing sarees of similar hues is also being accepted by everyone. Shades like peach, maroon or parrot green will also look delightful for this traditional festival. 

1. Red Banarasi Saree For Karva Chauth

As we know, sarees are a magnificent piece of artwork that has impressed human civilization for many generations. Though it has been westernized in many ways to best suit the modern era, it still remains a treasure for us Indians. One such saree fabric that has been popular from the Mughal era is the Banarasi silk sarees. 

For this Karva Chauth season, a red Banarasi saree will definitely take everyone’s breath away and you can easily add them to your finest saree collection later. 

2. Silk saree

Any traditional events are incomplete without the women of the household looking awesomely beautiful in their ethnic wear. Silk sarees have never ceased to save the day and have always been a great and favourite choice for women of all races and ages. 

There are many countless types of silk sarees, each of them differing based on either the weaving technique or the way they are draped on a woman. 

Silk sarees with delicate zari weaves are a killer option especially when they are combined with a gorgeous looking designed blouse piece. 

3. Mangalagari saree

Mangalagari is a famous area in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The sarees from this locality is known for their finest quality of weaves and the technique of weaving for this kind of silk saree is very earnest and civilized. 

There are many varieties when we talk about Mangalagari sarees, some of them based on the small motifs perfectly stitched up in small borders or the way in which hues are blended pleasingly into the material.

4. Chiffon saree

Chiffon sarees are well-known sarees that are light in mass and also very easy to drape and maintain too. Sometimes it may be as if they are not a suitable fit for traditional occasions, but trust me those chiffon sarees that are gracefully designed with colourful sequins and charming zari work are really worth these events. They don’t just impress the guests of the venue but also surprises everyone with the fact that chiffon sarees are not meant for daily workwear. 

5. Handwoven Jamdani cotton saree

The speciality of this saree is its birthplace i.e., Bengal. The weaving method for the jamdani sarees is that a mixture of cotton and gold threads are woven flawlessly into thin muslin cloths. It is a lengthy process which makes it a unique treasure for the Bengalis. 

6. Red Organza saree For Karva Chauth

Organza sarees are the modern definition for the saree epoch. They are so well received by the millennials of the Indian region and they are the true definition of grace and charm for women. Organza sarees are semi-transparent in nature and are very often designed with floral or nature motifs. 

7. Brasso saree

Brasso sarees is the recent trend in the saree sector and this one type can be worn for both traditional and chic parties comfortably. 

The Brasso sarees are both sheer and opaque by nature which makes them become a popular choice amongst everyone. These Red Brasso sarees by Mirra Clothing has been in high demand most of the times and it is being liked by women of all ages. 

8. Red Georgette Saree For Karva Chauth

Georgette sarees are often confused with chiffon, but the former is more attractive, consistent and has a crushed and translucent finish which makes it go well for all events. This is also the base for many major saree fabrics as it can showcase your curves beautifully and also make you feel like a queen too. 

Inspired from the soft and silky chiffon sarees, the georgette sarees also have many categories to their name. 

9. Chanderi saree with block prints

Chanderi sarees are another kind of lightweight and delicate sarees that are made out of cotton and silk threads. They feel soft and grand for a reason. There are also exclusive types of Chanderi sarees such as cotton silk and Kota silk which can be used for regular wear and can be easily washed. 

10. Chiniya saree with golden weaves

It is a well-known fact that the city of Banaras is known for the pure Banarasi silk sarees, but did you know that the Chiniya sarees also share the same origin? They have the appearance of a rich silk saree. The only way they differ from other saree fabrics is that they can also be freshly dyed right after the weaving process with zero per cent of damage to the material. 

Final verdict 

These are some of the excellent collections of red-hued saree for Karva Chauth, that are available with Mirra Clothing. So., this Karwa Chauth visit our website and grab all these wonderfully designed sarees and more…

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