Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree 2021-2022

Marriage is a serious but wonderful phase of life. That is one of those days where the environment is filled with laughs and memories. The brides make every effort to look pleasant and the groom has every reason to be worried about the process. The South Indian brides undoubtedly choose an elegant looking Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree for their wedding time irrespective of their religion. This is an ongoing tradition that is getting strong day by day and since it is such high demand, the exporters design these sarees by the preference of the latest fads and the creative minds of the millennials.

The brightness of a bride’s saree is something that can never be challenged. The popular kinds of bridal sarees that are prevailing at the moment are Kancheepuram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Organza sarees, Ombre sarees, etc.

In this article, let us have a look at the gorgeous Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree that is also claimed as the queen of all sarees. 

1. The blush of a bride 

From ancient times till the 21st century, one thing that has always been around and never fails to impress the spectators of an Indian wedding is the red colour. A bride wholly donned with a red coloured lehenga or saree, red flowers, red fireworks, etc are some of the spectacular views that can never be missed in a Hindu marriage.

This red shaded Kanjeevaram bridal saree can be a common as well as a favourite choice for all south Indian brides who want to take their wedding in a more traditional manner. It is well designed with golden zari motifs which makes it even more convenient as your antique gold jewellery pieces will make you look like THE most extraordinary bride. 

It is also made from the inspiration that all Bollywood celebrities like Rekha, Vidya Balan and the wonderful Deepika Padukone have ever given to the world. Their style of draping is very different from each other, which gives us much room to experiment with the draping type that suits us better. 

2. The royal bride

The colour purple and navy blue has always been considered as a neat and dignified shade that shows off the affluent people in the brightest light. Imagine you wearing this royal entitled saree on a grand occasion like this. It would not just be seen as an excellent choice, but you would also be appreciated for your magnificent sense of clothing. 

A blouse that is beautifully stitched with the elegant purple tone or a complete bright golden coloured blouse will make it a wonderful blend of sophistication and grace. 

Most of these sarees are amazingly made by the weavers and the speciality of the Kanjeevaram south indian bridal sarees are that are deliberately made splendid by weaving in the saree with shiny gold threads and small, attractive temple motifs. To top it all up this saree also consists of handwoven motifs with delicate zari buttas. 

3. The portrait of nature 

When we observe a Kanjeevaram saree closely, it is not weaved with much glitter or heavy zari work. Just delicate and authentic silk threads make these sarees to be the most like saree type among infinite kinds of sarees. 

Many people cherish their Kanjeevaram wedding sarees and it passed on proudly down the generations as a tradition. This makes the Kanjeevaram sarees more enchanting and apposite for people of all ages. An ineffable radiance is emitted out of these sarees on a bride which makes her special day even more noteworthy. 

This saree in particular is composed of a complete copperish orange hue and the pallu of the saree is tinted with a mix of green shade topped with shiny silver stripes.

The important part of this saree is that on the body of the saree one can find silver-coloured deer motifs which are not easily done or available anywhere.

4. A bride’s blush

The green colour denotes freshness, nature, growth which are some of the crucial aspects that would need to start her blessed married life. Such is the significance of this saree that has a distinct border. This means that the border is a combination of purple, gold shades. 

A highly sophisticated saree as we can call it, they are indeed sarees that can people go gaga and it can be surely love at first sight! 

Every woman who is capable of handling a day’s job of being a diva, donning this pure silk Kanjeevaram saree is worth every weave. It normally takes 10-12 days to weave a Kanjeevaram saree and it is famously available in a town called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

5. The subtle red hint

Purchasing a Kanjeevaram saree is not just owning but investing in it too. The level of charm and genuine spirit to look divine is just unmatchable when the bride decides to wear a saree that has years of praise and respect. Wearing a beautiful Kanjeevaram bridal saree would not just uplift souls but also make you feel like a dignified south indian queen every single time you drape it around your body. 

Nothing is better than marrying the love of your life in the most heavenly way possible and the Kanjeevaram sarees would definitely be a boon for your lifetime. 


These are some of the well-looking pure silk Kanjeevaram sarees that are recommended for any Indian bride. 

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