Purple Silk Wedding Sarees: Get praised in purple for your wedding!

Purple Kanjivaram Silk Saree with Handwoven Gold and Silver Zari Weaves

Sarees have been delightful clothing to attire on most occasions. They represent our best traditional rituals most authentically. But living in a modern world is not too easy if we do not alter our lifestyle choices to go with the flow. Therefore it is crucial that we also get trendy styles and colors to choose from when we select a particular ethnic wear dress. 

There are uncountable colors of sarees in this world, some of them which cannot be seen even in a color palette. All of them have invariable significance and unique meaning to them. In India, the color red was and is still considered a sign of purity. Similarly, there are many other hues like green, yellow, orange which are brightly visualized in many special circumstances.

One such shade that has been in the cards since royal times is the purple hue.  

Why is the color purple so valuable?

The main reason why purple has such a dignified image even after many centuries is because of its source. The wool or dye of purple color was beloved to be extracted from a snail named Bolinus brandaris. Each of them contained only a little quantity of work that only you had extracted the contents out of 200,000 mussles would a person yield at least an ounce of dye from the snails. So recherché is the purple color. 

We know how the delicate items in the world were only reserved for the elite population. Certainly, it was no surprise that this special shade was only accessible by the competent lineage.  

Though this colored dye was rarely available to purchase and utilize, they are so expensive that certainly was beyond the reach of a commoner. Seeing the wonderful glance of the purple hue made people signify it as something too important. 

What was the significance of the color Purple in the history of fashion?

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A rich and versatile shade that was found in every portrait of a queen or a king’s clothing, purple was always a charm to watch and experience. The ancient kings of Rome Julius Caesar and Augustus declared the rule that only the kings were allowed to wear purple-colored robes. 

Only the darker shade of purple was seen in the historical day’s fashion world. They have such a delicate distinction for the color that it was also found on some of the flags of many countries. 

Why do brides love to wear silk sarees?

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We know how sarees have such magnificence in their being and how they are admired in each different kind of draping at each wedding or festival. Their spark will shine till the end of time. Among all types of sarees we have ever come across in our life, silk sarees are considered the softest yet pristine kind of saree. 

Brides who are into the intimate wedding mode, are all found of wearing rich silk sarees that portray their elegant culture, and also it showcases them in a versatile glimmer. The light feel of the pure silk and the many amazing forms they can be purchased makes the silk sarees an unavoidable choice to wear. Not just that, silk sarees are commonly worn by many women for festive circumstances too. Like for the South Indian festival, Onam we can see many beautiful women slipping into cream or off-white-colored 

How did the purple-colored silk sarees become so popular?

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As mentioned earlier, silk sarees made out of many types of weaving and colors are becoming famous among the ladies. Moreover, pastel colors like peach, mint green, periwinkle, champagne pink, lemon chiffon, light gray, etc are certainly making the headlines of the Indian wedding bridal attire color. The Indian brides too are rocking with immense joy. They make all their pastel-colored outfits look much more appealing by matching them with many statements contrasting jewelry. 

Now when we talk about the purple-shaded sarees and the mystery behind their sudden popularity is because of their remarkable divergences. Purple is virtually red and blue combined in a single goblet. How one varies the range of them both makes a huge difference. Lavender, lilac, mauve, indigo, plum, violet, eggplant, are some of the infinite purple color variations that are scattered around the world. Certainly, many of these shades are known to people as they observe in the form of graceful sarees. 

So purple-colored sarees have swept off the fashion world by a strong storm. They are found everywhere and made out of different motifs and lighter designs. 

The highlighted part about all purple sarees is that they do not need many embellishments for attention. Their mere presence of them makes people look at them forever. 

Asian brides have an ongoing fad of wearing purple-colored outfits and matching them with their wedding decor too. As rich and powerful is the color and a woman’s character, such Is the resemblance of the purple hue.

And that's a wrap.....

As we have seen some of the major reasons why brides must have at least one purple-colored saree in their wedding trousseau, would have made it unavoidable to purchase. We at Mirra Clothing have an outstanding collection of sarees in the purple color. The best part: they are ready to be purchased in various saree fabrics. So, don’t delay more and check out our website right away.

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