Bloom in Floral Print Sarees This Spring Season

Offwhite Pure Organza Saree with Beautiful Floral Embroidery

Floral prints make one of the best variants of the dominant patterns and styles of sarees available in the market. Floral print sarees accommodate plenty of frills and design elements, like embroidery designs and intricate floral motifs. In recent times high-end fashion brands often showcase their exotic floral designs and motifs on their premium saree range. Models round off their showstopper look with top-notch floral print sarees nowadays.

These floral print sarees make the best outfit options for the spring season since they are easy to drape. And, the lightweight fabric lets you drape it as per your choice and convenience. So, deck up your spring easy-breezy saree look with new floral designs and exotic floral motifs.

The emblem of Indian tradition that redefines femininity within 6 yards of fabric is a woman’s kryptonite, a saree. The range of Indian sarees has been through a gradual evolutionary journey over the years. This evolution involves the emergence of quintessential motifs, designs, textures, prints, and many more elements in a saree.

Quintessential floral print sarees for the spring season

1. Floral embroidered Organza Silk Saree

One’s spring saree wardrobe collection would remain incomplete without an organza silk floral print saree. In organza silk sarees, the fabric comes to be very lightweight. Hence, the saree weight varies from one another, based on the intensity of embroidery work. Those willing to purchase a heavily worked organza embroidered saree would find the fabric a little heavy. So the embroidery work adds value and weight to the satin saree. After the winter, one may choose a gorgeous heavily worked embroidery work in the organza saree range by Mirra Clothing. It would not cause any trouble carrying this off in spring weather. 

The embroidery work comes in various patterns and motifs. The floral embroidery work looks immaculate and aesthetic on anyone and everyone. One may get it customized as per their preference. The bright colours and subtle, intricate floral patterns can bring elegance and grace to the saree together. 

Baby Blue Organza Silk Saree with Beautiful Floral Embroidery

2. Top-notch floral prints on Georgette sarees

Many customers may not be fond of fussy drapes. For those, Georgette sarees work wonders. Georgette sarees come in elaborate floral motif work. These Jaal embroidery designs look stunningly gorgeous on the georgette sarees.

Those willing to invest in a party wear-friendly base fabric in a saree should purchase the Georgette floral print sarees. These Georgette Banarasi sarees by Mirra Clothing, customized in light shades, make a wholesome saree look for any grand festive occasion. 

This range of Georgette sarees in floral embroidery work can deck you up for a grand evening function or spring festival look.

Sea Green Banarasi Georgette Saree with Woven Floral Weaves

3. Floral print sarees in premium Cotton Fabric

Who does not prefer a sleek cotton saree over everything else?


Cotton has been the most preferred fabric in Indian traditional and western garments for ages. Cotton sarees made of cotton give you comfort in loads besides providing a classic formal style. Fashion designers nowadays design cotton fabrics adding professional floral embroidery frameworks to them.

 It looks gorgeous when paired with exotic floral prints and embroidery work on a cotton saree. Those willing to invest in a lightweight floral saree may opt for a cotton floral print saree that provides comfort and style at once.

Mirra Clothing offers versatile floral prints in their cotton saree range. 

Navyblue Linen Cotton Saree with Floral Prints

4. Floral print sarees in Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi silk, originally a traditional fabric, has received nationwide demand in India. Most royal family women in India showcased their exotic floral Banarasi saree looks on different occasions in earlier ages.

It raised the hype of the Banarasi silk saree in the Indian saree market. Hence, one can add value and versatility to one’s wardrobe saree collection by including a floral print saree in chiffon fabric to the lot.

Offwhite Banarasi Silk Saree with Floral Prints and Antique Zari Weaves

5. Satin saree range in floral prints

Besides the embroidered floral motifs on sarees, floral prints in satin sarees do not offer any less elegance to the saree look.

These floral printed satin sarees come in lesser weights. The heavy embroidery work takes a back seat at the minimal weight of the thin satin fabric. Hence, these floral print satin sarees by Mirra Clothing provide comfort and style at a very bare minimum fabric weight.

Creamy Pink Satin Saree with floral prints

6. Designer floral print saree range

Indian celebrities often flaunt their floral designer saree look on their special days on social media. The top-class handiwork and Offbeat styling frills add a different dimension to the saree look. One can get festive ready within minutes by wearing a designer floral print saree from Mirra Clothing. 

Hence what are you waiting for till now? Be the centre of attraction at any event by resorting to a top-notch floral designer saree.

Grey Designer Net Saree with Floral Embroidery

7. Floral saree collection in kota silk fabrics

From North to South, Indian citizens, especially women, find kota silk fabric the most appropriate option for wedding seasons. They look gorgeous with elongated zari work all over the saree. 

But there is a flip side to these zari works! They add a heck of volume and weight to the saree fabric. To tone down the weight, opt for kota silk sarees in floral prints. Floral prints cut down on excessive fabric weight. 

The heavily embellished works often weigh down the saree wearer. But kota silk sarees by Mirra Clothing will never let you down like that. Get ready with floral print sarees in kota silk fabrics for any occasion look.

Grey Kota Silk Saree with Beautiful Floral Prints

The list of must-have floral sarees above would help one pick and choose a floral saree. Mirra Clothing has an enormous collection of floral sarees in stock to meet your expectations. The premium quality floral sarees at come in various designing motifs, patterns, and styles. A customer may also pick from a versatile range of fabrics as per preference. 

Mirra Clothing offers a versatile range of sarees in silk, satin, chiffon, and other Fabrics. Thus, one must not worry about finding the best fabric for any occasion. 

Have a happy floral saree shopping from the comfort of your home

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