Slay in the Trendiest Sequin Georgette Sarees

Ombre Purple Georgette Sequin Saree with Hand Embroidered Border

Saree is an ageless polished beauty that has been popularly worn by Indian women. Many varieties are found in sarees. The characteristics differ from colour, tailoring method, drapes and most importantly the fabric that is used. Now, we are aware of the large number of fabrics that are involved in weaving elegant sarees. 

Silk, cotton, Banarasi are some of the best-discovered fabrics in the fashion world. They can be used for many incredible clothing choices as each one has its advantage and beauty. 

Among the latest set of saree fabrics that we can see everywhere worn by the majority of the women’s population are the Georgette sarees. These sarees are certainly made in the most authentic manner which is more reliable and graceful often. 

One other sensation in sarees is the very well-known ultra-modern dress called sequined sarees. They are so gorgeous to look at and secondly, they are tough to be perfectly draped with ease. 

Nevertheless, if we get used to the process of wearing sarees over and over, then nothing would seem so difficult. 

In this article, we are going to list out the best-sequinned sarees that are available in the Georgette material in Mirra Clothing.  We will also discuss the unique characteristics these sarees possess from other kinds of fabrics.

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Georgette sarees are not an unknown saree bred for Indian women. There are one of the many reasons why there has been a great liking taken towards the saree fashion these days. Georgette fabric is popular for its semi-transparent appearance, easy to drape and handle too. This fabric is often compared to the lovely chiffon material which is also a popular saree fabric amongst many women. The big difference between chiffon and georgette material is that georgette is a little less opaque than chiffon and its weaving method is even tougher and stronger than the former. 

Some of the best qualities why women choose georgette over chiffon are because it is more durable and inexpensive than the former.

The reason why georgette has gained some much popularity is by its mere appearance. The naturally crush like the impact that is created on georgette sarees during their production. 

Shop Now : Ombre Peach Georgette Sequin Saree with Hand Embroidery Border

This saree that is mentioned above is a beautiful portrait of the ombre colours that are well blended into the fabric of the saree. The pastel peach colours have wonderfully been mixed with a dark orange shade that compliments the pallu of the saree. The shimmery impact of the sequins is an added highlight to the ombre colours.

Peach Georgette Sequin Saree with Embroiderey Work

If you are not a fan of the ombre effect, then we have another collection of sequin sarees for you to select from. This bright peach coloured saree that is glowing with hand embroidery work will set many hearts on fire. Certainly, this saree would a glamorous choice for the best friend or bridesmaid at a wedding. It can also be worn without any hesitation for the festive celebrations of Holi or Diwali.

Shop Now : Ombre Pink Georgette Sequin Saree
Shop Now : Ombre Wine Sequin Georgette Saree

Some more sarees have impressed the customers at Mirra Clothing and also inspired us to introduce many more ombre sarees. These sarees that are cleverly combined with the silver shaded pallu looks like someone is about to party! 

With this parade of shining elements on this saree, it shouts out the bling. Nothing compares with the amazingly created colours like the wine purple and the medium pink shade that happens to be the colour for women on any occasion. 

The dark wine-coloured saree is more suitable for women who have fair to medium skin tone. The women who have a dusky skin tone, both these sarees will showcase their true beauty of yourselves. 

Shop Now : Maroon Georgette Sequin Saree with Embroidery Work
Shop Now : Magenta Sequin Georgette Saree

The seniors of the red and the purple family, these colours: magenta and maroon may seem to be simple to wear, but when it is well embellished with a well-designed blouse and accessories set, no one needs to worry about this blouse. You just need to take in the high praises that you would receive due to these sarees. 

Both these sarees that are enormously weaved with a lot of sequins, can make an appearance for a themed party or even for a grand cocktail party. As you can see in these images, none of the sarees that are mentioned does not at any point look showy. You can also gift it to a dear friend who wishes to look as beautiful and charming as when she flaunts these sarees. 

The final verdict

We do hope that these sarees and the information about each of them in this article was helpful for you. Excluding these sarees mentioned, there are also silk, cotton, tissue, Kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees that anyone can purchase from Mirra Clothing. 

Everyone is worthy of these alluring georgette sarees that emphasize your blest curves and also makes you look slimmer than ever.

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