How To Style your Silk Sarees perfectly for any Occasion

We are presently in the 21st century, and though a lot has been changing till this moment, there is still much stuff that is unchanged and for some reason, it is good. Politicians, our education system, and so much more haven’t seen many changes. But beautiful trends like our pride of draping perfect silk sarees online has never lost their stature it has adapted and won the hearts of women both young and evergreen. 

But there are still many who are reluctant to wear silk sarees even on important occasions, the best reason being they do not know the satisfactory way to flaunt it like a diva. But nothing is tough until it is practiced numerous times. Styling a silk saree for a wedding like any other Bollywood celebrity is easy without help and it only requires some smart tricks. So let us have a peek at how anyone can rock a silk saree at a causal or grand function. 

1. The ideal blouse is the key

These days, more than the sarees being the center of attention anywhere, it is the blouse of a silk sarees online that speaks volumes about your entire attire. Everyone is updated about the varied blouse designs that are available in the market and every kind of wonderful variation is included to make their blouse a  unique masterpiece. But if one does not get her blouse suited up with the right measurements and fabric, then it can be an utter disaster. We, at Mirra clothing also offer an exclusive option of customized switching from a wide range of uncanny designs. Our experts here are well skilled with many extraordinary techniques to turn a plain piece of fabric into one fabulous work of elegance. Make the proper alterations to your blouses according to your body shape and the colors that are more matchable with the border color than the body of the saree. 

2. The shining bright colors

Colors have a great influence on how we present ourselves to the world. Yes, each color has a unique meaning and they can surely be worn according to your mood and emotions too. Just like any other clothing, a color palette is crucial to set the whole outfit straight. So choose your silk sarees online in style keeping in mind the occasion, the season, and your budget too. You can try out bright hues like bright yellow or pastel peach for daylight festive events and choose an elegant midnight blue or golden colored saree for a late evening occasion. 

3. Choose the right petticoat

Some people make this rookie mistake of selecting the wrong type or color of the petticoat. But you must match the accurate petticoat. Do check if is tied well around your waist or there are chances that your entire outfit might fall apart. Another smart trick is to buy some common colored petticoats like black, grey, etc which will go amazingly well with all sarees.

4. The draping style 

The ‘scariest’ part as some might acclaim, but with care and attention all can go very well. One would need enough safety pins and steam iron expensive silk sarees online just the day before. No one would want to remember you by the word shabby dresser. To get the pleats in place, check if your saree is well tucked in the petticoat. 

5. Match it with exquisite jewelry

Now that the draping part is over, it is time to check out tremendous ways to complete the entire look. Some say that a woman’s personality can be determined by the kind of ornaments she owns. Just like how a blouse has become more significant than the saree itself, so is the jewelry you wear with every piece of clothing one has. Millennials always have a new trend going on when it comes to the accessories department. Sometimes it is the antique jewelry that seems like the most gorgeous rose in the garden or else it is the contrasting jewel pieces that go well with the funky, trendy girls. 

When it comes to silk sarees for weddings, it wouldn’t be appropriate if you just wear one small piece of jewelry. So surely, high statement pieces can a definite thumbs up! 

Some other essential pointers

If you are going to be wearing heels with the silk saree, before starting the draping process, make sure you wear it to set the saree at the right length. 

  • There are also certain good rules when we want to follow the first rule. Heels like wedges are not suitable enough for silk saree for weddings. Instead, try to choose between stilettos and platform heels. 
  •  Have several safety pins near you depending on your needs. But it is surely recommended not to use a lot of pins as it might get difficult to move around. 
  • The most common tip that many people share is to set the pallu well in advance, so it will give you a nice shape after draping. 
  • The viable part of any fabric is not to own despite your challenges, but to maintain it.


Wearing a saree means not just being traditional or following your rich heritage, but it can have a deeper meaning too. All have many very reasons to wear a saree unavoidably. Such of them are like the most affordable comfortable wear, a pleasant look, not the most difficult task at hand. So whether it is your sister’s wedding or a friend’s success party, never resist the thought of looking extraordinarily gorgeous in a silk saree. 

If you are someone who is on the lookout for amazingly weaved silk sarees online, we at Mirra clothing are here to turn you into a precise queen by our glorious collection of silk sarees made exclusively for the likes of the common Indian people. 

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