Durga Puja Saree Collection | Ashtami Special 2021

Durga Puja is one of the joyful festivals celebrated in the city of West Bengal in the honor of Devi Durga. When we discuss the theme of any Indian festival, it usually involves colourful and smashing colours and traditions that light up the entire nation. There is no bar to any celebrations in India, similarly, there is no limit to the collection of ethnic wear of women. Sarees may be the most ethereal choice for women to wear for any formal conventional function, but there are specified types like Banarasi silk sarees, Dhadak Jamdani, Tussar silk sarees, etc which are popularly worn by the Bengalis on this auspicious day. If you are a beginner in the world of traditional saree wear, then the top place to start the hunt for a timeless saree is Mirra Clothing. Here in our store, you can find the best Durga puja saree collection ensemble that seems fit for other circumstances and it is also available at the most reasonable charges. Durga Puja is mended for the powerful and strong women who showcase many avatars every day and every woman deserves to be celebrated for her dedication and for her good soul. Let us take a closer look at what Mirra Clothing has to offer for ethnic women on days where you want to feel like a queen!


Benaras is a beautiful place in India that comprises some mesmerising temples. From this heavenly abode, we see the rise of another wonder called the Banarasi silk. This is a one-of-a-kind fabric that is utilised for creating silk sarees, lehengas, Indo-western outfits, silk dupattas, etc. The Banarasi sarees can be frequently seen in North Indian marriages for brides and bridesmaids alike. 

The Banarasi sarees are in the fashion markets since the Mughal times and they are considered to be an expensive kind of fabric as they were only worn by the elite community. The speciality of these sarees is that they have small motifs printed all over the length of the saree, either in sparkling silver or gold threads. Heavy Zari work along with embroidery lines are also great features of Banarasi silk sarees. 

This Durga Puja season, check out our website to grab an exclusive collection of Banarasi silk saree collection and Indo-western gowns for this special occasion. 


When we begin to look at the range of colours from which we can choose our ethnic wear, there are many unique hues to select from, even from the latest collection of pastel shades. But white and black colour or the blend has not been accepted well by Indian society due to various reasons. Now, generations are changing and people are well adapting to it. 

It is sure for a fact that the white sarees are thought to be a symbol of purity and peace. It now comes in many new avatars like off-white or beige which is more of a cream shade. In Kerala, we have the popular Kasavu sarees that are draped on many auspicious occasions. 

A plain white cotton saree bring much dignity to the wearer. But you can always change the style of these white sarees according to your needs. One can customize these sarees or better the plain blouses with golden, silver or colourful threads in the form of small or medium-sized motifs. 


When we talk about clothing that beautifully combines tradition along with modernity, then the Dhakai Jamdani sarees must be given a huge space to discuss. Originated from the olden Mughal rule, these sarees are a famous type of ethnic clothing in the state of Bengal. The material that is utilized to make these gorgeous sarees are a thin muslin-like cloth that is available in Bangladesh. 

For this saree, the weaving process is something like this – the thin muslin cloth which is semi-transparent is woven intricately with linen threads. One can never find a Jamdani saree designed plainly without any motifs or prints and that is how can differentiate them from other saree fabrics. 

This famous saree that is well-known among foreigners has a variant range in the markets and women love to wear it to work or to any casual meet-up. This Durga Puja saree collection can break barriers among everyone as it is very much suitable for all. 


Though there are many numerous silk sarees that are now available in the market with different embellishment works or styles of draping. Nothing can beat the classic pure silk sarees that have a unique beauty that attracts everyone like a magnet. 


A wonderful connection or a type of emotion is how many women would have a positive impact on overall sarees. Designer sarees have long impressed all women with their evergreen finish and extraordinary sequin work. They surely manage to keep up with the lifestyle needs and have a creative way to create nil space for the accessories as all the impression about the dress.


One of the blessed creations in the saree world is the trendy organza sarees. They are thin, partially transparent and have the most subtle shine that no other clothing can match up to.  It gives the wearer a luxury look as the weaves are made in such a way that it looks elegant on all. Though it seems like a lightweight dress, the strands of the threads are refined and strongly woven deep into the material.

After the world-famous sarees of Kanjivaram sarees and the Banarasi silk, organza sarees are trying to build up their reputation and gives a golden chance to enjoy wearing the saree at all times. 

So this Durga Puja celebration, make sure you visit our website, Mirra Clothing to check our exclusive saree collection. 


This article tells us clearly how wide is women’s clothing line is and how easy or tough to maintain the integrity and mannerism of our surroundings. When you happen to visit Mirra Clothing, do not forget to check out these collections and more.

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