5 types of Beautiful Banarasi Sarees you can choose from

Ivory Banarasi Silk Saree in Georgette adorned with Gold Zari Motifs

Sarees are our golden treasures that have their line of dignified grace over the last few centuries. It has been woven in different states that recite millions of stories of that particular region. It has always had a special niche in the hearts of our Indian women and it is the best-suited outfit for every occasion and it can never be replaced by any number of trends. It was one of the ornate pieces of clothing that still has the essence of Mughal art. 

Though there are abundant saree varieties, Banarasi sarees are the most extensively produced and purchased type of saree around the globe. So in this article, we are going to have a peek at the five most gorgeous Banarasi sarees exclusively handwoven from the experts in Mirra clothing. 

  • Six yards of authentic beauty! 

One of the most expensive yet glorious kinds of Banarasi saree is the Katan saree which has its origin in Persia. One can find all the remarkable Persian and Mughal art in the form of beautiful motifs covering the entire drape of these sarees. Just a single glance of this outfit can make her heart skip a beat, such is its magnificence. 

Katan sarees are prepared by swiveling several colored silk threads in a way that gives the saree a splendid look. Flaunting a luxe Katan silk saree on their dream day is on the bucket list for many millennials brides. Having one of these remarkable sarees in your wardrobe is a must! They are heavy as their whole material is woven with pure silk threads of gold and silver. 

Fun fact: An original Banarasi saree contains almost 5000+ threads woven into them. 

  • Sarees with a true soul 

In the previous section, we learned about how heavily embroidered Katan sarees are an absolute treat for grand occasions or even as wedding trousseau. But if you are someone who is not a fan of hefty kinds of outfits, then there is also a beautiful alternative to our enormous collection of tissue sarees. Lighter than air, these sarees are the most comfortable for every season and they also come in various designs and collections. 

If you are going to be a bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding and you found out that there is a lot on your plate and you got to be on your toes all the time, then think no more. Order an amazing tissue saree right away from our collection in Mirra clothing and find some time to appreciate the overflowing liking you receive for your outfit. 

  • Real beauty comes from the choices you make

Jamdani sarees are another masterpiece that has been popular in the markets since the Mughal era. They are the next best thing in Bengal and they are known for their exquisite fabric and impeccable beauty by their very presence. Originally crafted from the state of Bangladesh, only a few weavers were enormously talented in this form of mastery. But after the British colonization, there was a drastic deterioration in the production of this tremendous material, and fast forward to a few years, Jamdani sarees are like a well-known delicacy. 

Its weaving process is a tedious one and the unique point of these sarees is unlike the other kinds of sarees the designs or even better, the flourishing flower motifs are drawn on a transparent sort of graph and then is traced steadily onto the warp. The current state of the fabric is that the new age designers have found its lost intricacy and are comprising it successfully in the latest fashion world and making it find its true worth among the Indian audience. 

  • A flowy affair 

Georgette sarees are not a newfound kind of saree for Indian women. They are often seen on multiple occasions in many variations. We do know for a fact that pure Banarasi silk sarees are very common for a wedding or grand festive event. To simplify it, the trademark weavers after a long time have taken the initiative to combine the Banaras fabric along with georgette whose outcome is a lightweight, gorgeous saree that can be worn on any part of the day. 

Unlike the other Banarasi sarees, these georgette combination sarees are trending only for a few years now. The minds behind this creation try to come out with innovative and spectacular layouts that are very easily acceptable by women of any generation. They are an excellent choice for daily wear and are easily affordable too. With so many reasonable points for this category of sarees, how did you miss out on this?

  • The sheer elegance of a woman 

Another contemporary creations that come up on the roster, when we discuss sarees are the most sophisticated organza sarees. They are so neatly designed for the very desires of the millennials who always want to have their dresses on the fashion mania. So these sheer yet soft fabrics are knitted with extensively delicate silk threads. All organza sarees are rough in texture but they are always carved with gorgeous motifs or zari work of nature, patterns, etc with pastels hues voted the most favorite of all. 

Nowadays, the experts are stirring this organza fabric along with the traditional weaves of Banarasi silk, which is adequate for all women likewise. What makes it so unique is that the zari borders that are not too loud but they do not fail to attract the crowd. 


As the world is rapidly changing in its modes and lifestyle, there are some things that can never be unchanged like our traditional wear of sarees. But that does not mean we do not the right to create beautiful swaps for them. It was first known popularly as the pure Banarasi silk sarees, but fast forward it today a little addition of a different fabric has opened gates to many varieties of silk sarees. So if you are still confused as to how, where, what you got to start with, we are here to lead the way. Check out our wonderful collection of sarees and blouses at Mirra clothing and with the help of our experts and the detailed variation of each outfit, you would never turn back! 

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