Top 5 Beautiful Saree Colors to Try On This Summer

With the scorching heat peeking through our windows which makes reminds us about our beautiful, chill winters coming to an end and the arrival of the hot summer season is here. As seasons and reasons to seize each day rapidly change, so do our wardrobe and lifestyle choices. Summer calls for bright, lightweight clothing that can make our sunny days easier to live on. One such comfortable clothing material that we are blessed with is sarees for this summer. 

Sarees that are weaved out of cotton, chiffon, or the talk of the town organza fabric are much appropriate for the warm weather or they can be entitled as the “summer-friendly” sarees. The difficult part is yet to arrive. The color palette. For sarees especially, we have infinite colors present on a canvas which makes it even harder to segregate according to the Indian skin tones and of course, for the purpose.   

But fear not, for this article is about to get more vivacious. In this article, we are going to be revealing our top 5 saree trousseau of an exceptional radiant color which is carefully selecting from our dazzling collection of sarees. This is to give you a wide range of options to choose from that match your personality precisely. 

1. Mauve organza saree 

Mauve sarees are an extraordinary balance of traditional weaves with a hint of modernity. They are a combination of shades of purple with light brown and deep red, but mauve sarees can be differentiated depending on deep and light hues of purple. Darker shades of red put them up in the family of red colors too. 

The mauve color has become a sensation among the fashionistas and it displays the most distinguished face of a woman. Delicate and pleasant mauve organza sarees that are right for summer are now available in larger stocks as they do not fail to show your youthful appearances in the brightest light. 

These mauve-colored sarees can be worn for any event ranging from being pulsating to classy. If you are to wear this saree, say for an evening chic party then you can mix it up with a gold sequined blouse. For a diurnal event, one can wear an upbeat off-white or pastel pink-colored blouse.

2. Mint green chiffon saree

Pastel colors are definitely topping off the charts and we aren’t just talking about clothing. The entire wedding unit or any happening events are likely to be dolled up with the softest hues of pastel. 

When we discuss the color green, it naturally pours out a lot of positive vibes, energy, calmness, etc. Unlike before, now sarees are available in every color palette that you can imagine. So the time you go out to purchase a green-colored saree, do not be surprised by the endless options you will get to choose from. From that exclusive list, we have picked out an interesting color of mint green which is a top-notch option for summer sarees. 

It is well-known from the start; how chiffon sarees are made impeccably for our steaming Indian weather. These sublime, awe-inspiring sarees look even more astonishing when they are prevailing in lit pastel colors. It is one of the best saree colors that you can put on in the hotter days and needless to say, chiffon sarees are the unsurpassed option for a chic date or even a conventional dinner party too. 

3. Multicolored cotton sarees perfect for summer

One of the most cherished fragments of the fashion world lies in the journey and not the outcome of the creation of some of the fabulous clothing items. Multicolored sarees have always had a liking and a special place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe. They have never lost touch to flourish the wondrous feminine side of someone who adulates sarees. Multi-colored sarees can range from soft pastels to dark intensifying colors that create a perfect work of art. Not just colors, but various threads of embroidery or zari work can also form unique designs of elegance on sarees. This sensational multicolored saree never gets old or is inappropriate for any event and doesn’t need any extra accessories to make them look more graceful as it is a complete package in itself. 

It is a surprise for everyone when we observe women flaunting the evergreen cotton sarees as they are too good at maintaining the temperature of our body and a really excellent choice when you are someone who works for long hours in shady environments. 

4. Pastel yellow Banarasi silk saree

From mustard yellow to the soothing pastel yellow hues, you can find a wide range of yellow sarees in Mirra clothing. The yellow color always symbolizes new opportunities, happiness, high levels of zeal, etc. Appearing in some of the lightest yet comfortable fabrics like chiffon, georgette, cotton, these yellow sarees can be even being seen in a combination of two shades like a plain one with a rich silver or red border that elevates the look to a great class.  

Banarasi sarees with a combination of silk is an extraordinary saree piece that is made utterly for splendid events like weddings. 

5. Red georgette sarees for summer

The undefeated pick of the bunch under the category of sarees is the pulchritudinous georgette sarees. These sarees can be worn during any season and they are very easy to drape which is the major reason why the younger generation is loving them. 

Red is the most admirable and alluring color on the planet. It has been an all-time favorite for the brides to the little girls. It is considered sacred and its connection is said to be from Goddess Durga. A color that is rich in sentiments like prosperity, fertility, good health, etc red has a majestic influence on the opposite sex and it kind of gives an empowering feeling for anyone who flawlessly wears a wonderful red saree.  

An extraordinary color for the summer, red sarees always add much glamorous look to a wardrobe. 


These are some of the classic saree colors are prevail just to beat down the heat and to make ourselves be more comfortable and cool. There are many more variants of colors from which you can select your saree collections from and that journey begins with Mirra Clothing. Printed or plain, embroidered or sequinned, multicolored or just one unblemished shade, we have it all here. 

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