Kanjivaram Pure Silk Sarees: A Must-have in every Indian women’s wardrobe

Sarees are the most sublime items that one can find in a women’s wardrobe. Though many outfits are designed for the many wants of our society, sarees are the only clothes that show the pure joy and pride of our occasions. Sarees don’t just showcase the traditions of India, but we also show how deep our beliefs are and how we are proud of them always. This outfit does not just hold good only for a specific part of our nation. There is a destined saree type for every state and each of this saree represents the diversity and rapport of our culture. Most of the world is aware of the common kind of sarees that has evolved wonderfully around the globe. Kanjivaram pure silk sarees can be bestowed an important position in that list.

Originated from one of the famous temple cities of India, Kanjivaram, these sarees have been one of the best reasons why brides everywhere always want to dazzle in sarees on their big day. So let us have a glimpse at how the Kanjivaram pure silk sarees have made a huge difference in the fashion world and on us humans too. 

Where did it all start? 

It all began in the 10th century AD, where one of the kings of the Chola reign had taken up the ambition of making an enormous transition in the silk industry. In those days, traders from Andhra Pradesh, who were wizards of the art of silk had traveled down to the village of Kanjivaram and taught their skills to the weavers there and thus began the expansion of the prominent Kanjivaram pure silk sarees. 

To date, there has been no other kind of saree or even any dress that has given a tough rivalry to the graceful and distinctive Kanjivaram silk sarees.  

In the beginning, these sarees were exclusively composed of the various beautiful architecture of the mighty temples of Kanjivaram. As the days went by, the sarees have gained much popularity over the entire nation. 

Fact: The most expensive Kanjivaram silk saree was sold in Chennai for a whopping 40 lakhs! It was made by silk weavers in Kanjivaram weighing about 8 kgs. This saree feat was awarded the Guinness World record. 

How is the making done? 

These Kanjivaram pure silk sarees were made out of the genuine silk thread that was extracted well from the mulberry silkworm and it weaved with the help of natural gold and silver threads that gave the Kanjivaram sarees an excellent silhouette and of course, a gorgeous look. 

Since it was handmade by the experts and only with costly materials, they were not easily available for the common crowd. During the French invasion, it was said that the production of the Kanjivaram sarees had decreased. So keeping all this in mind, the weavers had alternative ideas to integrate the zari work into the sarees using artificial golden and silver threads. There were also motifs of peacocks, flowers, musical instruments that were sewed in sometimes instead of the temple motifs.  Nevertheless, the sheen and the glory of the pure Kanjivaram silk sarees have never failed to impress anyone.

Invention for the newbies 

Kanjivaram silk sarees have been a popular bridal attire for many years. Girls shine in spectacular appeal and have an alluring look on whichever occasion they wanna rock it in. Now you can even see bridesmaids or wedding guests donning this Kanjivaram fabric in lehengas or half sarees too. Unlike before, now the usage of synthetic zari work has brought down both the cost and the enormous weight of the saree, which makes it perfect for our trending brides.

Where are the accessories at? 

If you take any silk sarees, they don’t just make a statement on their own, the way you represent it along with traditional ornaments or funky jewelry does the talking there. Kanjivaram pure silk sarees are now worn only with contrasting blouses that are embellished with golden or colorful embroidery or zari work. 

You can surely match your saree with gold jewelry or that statement necklace that you have been wanting to wear for your bestie’s wedding. Some women have a great sentiment on flaunting their heirloom, antique jewels that once belonged in their family and had been passed on to them now. However, your creativity drives you, keep in mind the occasion and the part of the day you are going to wear everything. 

Tips to maintain the radiance of the Kanjivaram pure silk sarees 

The beauty lies in not just purchasing an extraordinary pure Kanjivaram silk saree online or from famous showrooms, but once you use it for your grandeur days you must know how to preserve these precious pieces of royalty too. Some ways by which the glow of these sarees can never be forfeited are:  

  • The best way to treat the delicate kind of fabrics is through dry cleaning.
  • Make sure you wrap the Kanjivaram pure silk sarees in a good quality muslin cloth or plastic wrap. You can fold it inside out and about the other direction after a few months to resist it from having foldings on it. 

Fact: The pallu is weaved separately and is attached to the body of the saree impeccably. Both are stitched together in a zigzag pattern called the pitni and no matter how old the sarees become, they can never be told or torn apart. 


We, at Mirra clothing, have a massive collection of the most desirable pure Kanjivaram silk sarees where you choose from bright to dark hues depending on your budget and event. There is something for everyone. You can also select any matching or distinct colored blouses that would be absolutely amazing with your sarees. But however you purchase your outfits, remember you are always worth every single thread is woven in the saree. So dance your night away, queen.  

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