Top 5 Traditional Saree Designs For Diwali Look 2021

Baby Pink Organza Saree with Silver Zari Weaves enhanced with Gotapatti Piping

These days we find many people are choosing their career based on liberal incentives and in places where their freedom is tasted sweeter than ever. The modernized Indians love to try the newest trends of the western world and even customize them according to their desires. 

It is the occasions like our grand festivals and weddings where people especially women turn the table around to become beautiful, traditional princesses. Such genuine circumstances call for a precise shopping schedule and reunion among loved ones.  With the tough times penetrating through our lives, it can be too difficult for everyone to go physical shopping. 

The party enthusiasts who make the best of such imperial episodes must be eagerly awaiting the biggest of the festivals, Diwali. For those who love online shopping, you must visit our store, Mirra Clothing. If your zest is traditional or non-conventional Diwali look, we have the perfect bunch of Diwali saree batch, everyone, here. 

Everyone wants to look elegant and luxe in every way and what better way to make you look a queen than drawing yourselves with the promising ethnic wear, Saree. In this article, we have specified five designs in which one can select and drape their sarees that suits their interests to have the best Diwali saree look.

1. Embroidered Saree For Diwali Look

There are many changing trends in regard to fashion. Sarees that are about 3000 years old are probably the only piece of fabric that doesn’t run out of fashion but actually gets much better when it is altered gracefully with the latest fad. 

Designer sarees are always on the table and when worn with the right accessories and style, they can also be an attractive asset for anyone. They are many varieties that vary from embroidered sarees to sarees filled with alluring sequin work. 

If you are someone who wants to gets dolled up real good, then this Diwali season let’s make sure that you don’t fail to achieve this look because this year our store Mirra Clothing has got the exclusive batch of the net and floral embroidered saree that can match all skin tones. They can fit well into your budget. When the embroidered sarees are draped with different blouse types like with a mermaid cut or a boatneck design, it can surely make you want to wear the saree over and over again for all your upcoming festive events. 

2. Modern Saree

Sarees in and for the modern generation has taken a large leap. People are now changing the existence of the sarees and giving this attire a deep and heartily meaning. The non-conventional take for the sarees comes from inspirations that are captured from the world, nature, and mostly from the fashion sense of the high-end celebrities. 

People of these days try to maintain the traditional look by draping saree on auspicious days like Diwali, but they do it in their own style. Like they wear full-sleeved blouses with statement jewellery or they wear backless blouses with a saree that is breathlessly embellished with a multitude of designs and sparkling artwork. 

So, modern sarees are lightweight, sparkling and fantastic to make anyone shine from every angle. 

3. Multicolored or Ombre Saree For Diwali Look

When it comes to selecting a saree according to a large colour palette, that is where the difficulty of shopping begins. There are high chances that many women might find it difficult to purchase sarees that are almost of the same kind. 

For a simpler and dazzler solution, women can once in a while try to buy sarees that have three or more colours on them.

Multicoloured sarees usually occur in daily wear saree fabrics like cotton and chiffon and also in the special types like Banarasi and Kancheepuram. No matter the circumstances or material, multicoloured sarees are worth the special corner in your wardrobe and hearts too. 

Ombre sarees means sarees that occur in two different colours, one of the upper halves and the other one at the part below the waist. They can also look eccentric in partial light hue and dark hue on the other half. In this way, all would love to compliment you on your Diwali saree look too colourful when it is draped well. 

4. Plain But Supple Sarees

This sub-category of sarees may sound a little absurd for some as it is absolutely thoughtless of wearing a plain-looking saree for a grand function. So, to all those who think simple sarees are not worth trying for bigger happenings, hear me out. 

Simple looking sarees doesn’t have to be the sarees that are used for daily wear or for unpretentious purposes, but it can be considered as being moderately dressed too. The way you wear the other accessories, footwear or by attaching an outward border design can all elevate the look of the saree to the highest level. 

These sarees like the handloom linen saree which is easy to handle amidst all the festive chaos, silk saree with a shining silver border and a pink kora saree with minimal zari work can all prove that wearing meeker sarees can also showcase how wonderful our personalities are moulded. 

5. Traditional Saree For Diwali Look

In India, we celebrate our togetherness with a wide range of cultural norms and traditions to maintain the harmony and respect for your civilization that was earnestly earned by our ancestors. So, it is obviously common for men and women to choose their attire from the traditional choices. When we take the conventional saree types for women, we have countless of them starting from the Banarasi to Kancheepuram, to the evergreen cotton sarees. 

The type of weaving in the majority of the traditional sarees are tedious, but rewarding and also the way they are draped with perfection is an unmissable sight for anyone.  The silky and soft feeling of these evergreen sarees can surely make every heart skip a beat and you can surely try out many unique shades that are easily available in online shopping stores too. 

So choose, from the varied collection of conventional sarees from Mirra Clothing that are brighter than other fireworks. 

And that’s a wrap……

We hope you found some inspiration in purchasing your next Diwali sarees from online stores, and do not forget to check out our fabulous collection of Diwali sarees that are exclusively handpicked bearing in mind the interests of our customers. 

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