How to Choose the Right Saree for Your Body Type?

Maroon Georgette Saree with Embroidered Sequins

Wearing an elegant saree does not require any special occasion or auspicious time. Ethnic wear is not biased for just daily or festive consequences. They can be worn for any part of the day and venue provided if you are comfortable with its weaves and dignity. 

Sarees were created for the women of India as were regarded as the best symbol of their purity and pride. Just like every woman is unique by her personality and charms, so are their body types. There are infinite options of sarees and their fabrics which are apt for a certain number of body shapes. 

Surely all women have the freedom to experiment which saree type suits them better. But despite flaunting numerous sarees, many do not understand the category of sarees for each body shape. 

Have a look at our finest collection of sarees from different regions of India with variant weaving styles and draping techniques

Here is the Simple Guide to Which Type of Saree Suits for Each of the Body Types

1.Pear-Shaped Body

Generally, women who have a pear-shaped body have a thin, small waist and a bigger butt size. It means that whatever clothing you wear, you must divert attention from the lower half of the body. For this, you can wear experimental clothing and fitting pieces that well complement the top part of your body. 

Wearing a saree fabric that is thin as chiffon, georgette and organza will your figure look slimmer than usual. These sarees would just lovingly shift the spotlight from your huge body parts and focus on the thinner and better-looking parts like your shoulders and arms. 

Wearing dark shades like purple, black, bottle green can also be additional ways to look slimmer and more comfortable in sarees.

 Add in a royal look clothing portion like contrasting or embellished blouses. Try squeezing in a graceful neckline for the blouse too. By this people will be impressed by your designer skills and you would not seem too fat after wearing a saree.  

One must also be mindful of the saree border that you choose. Avoid wearing large or too bright borders that draw scrutiny towards your curves. A slim and differing border color can make a huge difference for the wearer.  

Sarees for Pear Shaped Body :


2.Plus Size Women

The basic standards of being a beautiful woman have always been being slim and fair-skinned. But now as the trends are changing and people’s mindsets have broadened out, every shape and color of all humans are being accepted with great pride.

Women who are generally overweight have too much anxiety about wearing sarees to a special event. But when anything is done right with practice, it can all be under our control. 

Cotton and pure silk sarees are made for grand occasions but they are not that adequate for fatter women. 

So after avoiding such fabrics, women can choose between crepe, organza, linen, georgette, chiffon sarees that would help women to gain back their maximum confidence level. 

The draping style is also crucial when it comes to hiding your flaws. Constant practice in the most comfortable draping method can surely make the saree have more pleats and provide the entire outfit with the much-wanted classiness. 

Sarees for Plus Size Women

3.Apple-Shaped Body

The apple-shaped bodies have a greater waist and bust, but they seem to have thinner legs and hands. This would be a great opportunity to show off your splendid legs and arms. 

The much-seen fabrics of sarees that are worn by the apple-shaped bodies are mostly made out of embroidered, satin, and netted fabric. These sarees happen to have a glowing effect on the watchers. Along with that the inner beauty of the lady, this saree can be labeled as a total stunner. 

Sarees for Apple Shaped Body 

4.Skinny-Shaped Body

The ladies who are lucky to have a body shape that never deposits any kind of fat or carbs even after a week-long treaty,  to be the best kind of body shape. But this shape has too many unseen drawbacks. Being very thin leads to a disfigured body that seems unpleasant to maintain. But you can draw some healthy attention towards you flaunting the right kind of saree.

Women with this body shape can wear Cotton sarees,  Banarasi silk sarees, Kanjivaram silk sarees, etc. These varieties of sarees will make them look a little heftier but in a good manner, and they will exude enthusiasm in every way. 

You need not worry about the color palette as it wouldn’t make a big difference unless you are dusky-skinned. If you are a dusky skin tone, then fear not. You have much more options to try on that are not much different from what the common crowd wears. You can select the suitable color for your personality and wear it with utmost satisfaction. 

Sarees for Skinny- Shaped Body

5.Hourglass body

The hourglass ladies who have a god-given structure can drape many varieties of sarees. They have such intelligent curves that look fabulous. The fabrics that are recommended for the hourglass-shaped bodies are silk and net fabric sarees. Designer sarees like the ones mentioned here are suitable for a trendy woman. 

One can also stitch a highly embellished blouse that has an extravagant ruffled sleeve or full hand sleeves. 

Sarees for Hourglass body

Final thoughts 

So, these are some of the commonly found body shapes of Indian women. Whatever your shape and preference are, we at Mirra Clothing have a little something for everyone. 

It is truly crucial to find unique designer sarees as these from us.  One can also purchase matching blouses from Mirra Clothing. 

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