Latest Saree Trends That Will Rule 2021: Upgrade Your Traditional Look

This year has been a new beginning for many or it seems to be like the same old routine for a few, whatsoever be the case there some things that never remain static. One such field is the fashion industry where there is always space for innovation and it is all about recreating something that is most desired by our Indian women. Sarees are an antique wealth that has changed the way women can dress in every perspective. From the earlier times to the year 2021, there have many changes done to the six-yard clothes which just increases the grace and elegance of the material. Just like every other year, there are many latest saree trends that are introduced which are not just likable by the millennials but they think that is an amazing outfit choice that is appropriate for all events. So scroll down and find out what kind of fad you can find in the saree business this year. 

1. Pastel silk sarees

Old habits die hard. Silk sarees have always been a delight & evergreen saree trends for Indian women of all age groups. The silky, smooth touch is suitable for anyone who wants to appreciate their body and is in love with their curves. Best for all Indian skin tones and body shapes, these pure or chiffon mixed silk sarees have been a hit since long ago. 

The one difference that has been implemented into these silk sarees is their color palette. PASTELS. One of the beautiful wonders that have been involved in the dressing silhouette, these pastels refer to the soft, light hues of all primary colors. This has already been a hit in the wedding collection of 2020 and the brides seem to obsess with the pastel hues.  It is finally time for the bold reds and orange colors to move over and for the calm, soothing pastel hues to take over the wedding club. 

2. Floral embroidery

When it comes to latest saree trends, then floral sarees or lehengas have definitely taken up that space gracefully. They are no less of a masterpiece and are the perfect replacement for the traditional drape of saree. These floral designs work best on all fabrics depending on the dress code that is excepted for the occasion. Chiffon or satin sarees with rich floral work on them are wonderful choices that help you combat the heat and make you look as attractive as the event too. 

If you think a full floral-designed saree is too much to take in, then you can very well try out our floral blouses from our website, Mirra clothing that is a subtle fit for any colored sarees. In fact, it is mandatory to have either a black or grey colored blouse or saree which can be a great go-to outfit for your casual dinner or your cousin’s wedding. 

3. Ombre sarees

The ultimate vision of contemporary sarees is these ombre sarees. Imagine a cute mint green saree that starts with a sunnier appearance and goes down to the end with more of a duskier effect in say a dark blue color. What a fantastic look would that be? A really fresh approach to the six yards, these sarees are an excellent choice of outfit for a friend’s wedding or even gift it to someone special. This saree is a budget-friendly outfit and it comes in fabrics like crepe and georgette. 

There are even embroidered ombre sarees that are available with various works like lace, zari craved on them. These sarees are going to be like a decorative ornament in your wardrobe. A favorite among the younger generation, ombre sarees are a delight for everyone and they come in various colors and designs too. Mirra clothing offers a versatile collection of ombre sarees which all women can drape for a wedding or an off-the-cuff event. 

4. Organza sarees 

Organza sarees are a fantasizing fabric that has been created with much dedication and creativity. It has originated from the earlier generations and its classiness has only leveled up so far. These sheer sarees are a befitting choice for all those contemporary brides and bridesmaids. Their sophistication and exquisiteness exhibit the grace of the European charm blend with our traditional roots. Our country is always creating some amazing clothing attire with the inspiration gained from the western world and the delicateness of the organza fabric is one amongst them. 

Often one can find amiable floral work done on organza sarees which not just elevates its loveliness but also achieves a great affluent look. 

Do not mistake it as a drapery that is only appropriate for the millennials but this royal sheer cloth is a manifested delight for the elite. It might be like a plain cloth weave, but behind its creation lies a world of supreme subtlety and luxury. 

5.The mystery with the sequins 

Another classic example of a comeback in the saree era is these glam sequin sarees. We know that most of our clothes or even our lifestyle are mostly inspired by celebrities who we adore and admire for the smallest things. Sequin sarees have made their grand entry into the Bollywood world and the divas are already made it as a pacesetter for everyone. 

The best part of a fully glamorous sequinned saree is that it does not need much effort to look attractive with it as it requires no or minimal accessories. A cute go-to cocktail outfit, these sarees can effortlessly come under the category of ‘Less is more.’ 

It will be a great mistake if you decide to go overboard with your jewelry with these sequinned sarees because they have their own kind of exclusiveness which you wouldn’t want to meddle with. The same rule goes for the makeup like if you decide to be a little chic with some nude lipstick then you can rock your party with some smoky eyes. 

6. Net sarees

Net sarees are not much different from the sequinned sarees but they do have their own charm which makes everyone go gaga. There are available in various ranges and these versatile designs are not something you will find in any other traditional sarees of India. A rocking outfit that is too perfect for your cocktail parties, net sarees can be worn with a combination of various fabrics which will simply uplight your entire look. 

In Mirra clothing, these kinds of saree are available in multi-color shades like pastel yellow, red, aqua blue, etc, which are also some of the latest trends of the year 2021. What’s more? You can easily purchase a contrasting designer blouse for your gorgeous netted saree and get set to some of your diva identity. 


These are some of the amazing latest saree trends that have been taking the fashion world by storm and it doesn’t stop there. Our fashionistas are finding every way possible to recreate some of the glorious outfits of the ancient past not just for them to be recognized under a different, fresh perspective but also to develop ourselves to be updated and like our life like a queen every day. 

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