5 Saree Draping Mistakes you must avoid

Sarees have been the glory of your nation since even before the British rule and their production has been an integral part that we are all so proud of. They were considered the most luxurious kind of garment for every woman, depending upon the fabric and type of weaving by which it is generated. It’s been a few decades since masterpiece was created by not only has it upped its game at every level but also has found its creative ways to top off the charts. The difference between the generations has been many like the types of petticoats, blouses with unique designs with stunning sleeves, and most importantly, the method of saree draping styles. Each Indian state has an amazing story for its specialty of sarees and to have a vivid way of draping them. 

Our country and its people are blessed with many festivals almost every month, so it is not so hard to figure out the way how a saree is draped for each occasion. Some people are not synonymous with the idea of wearing a saree often. This is simply because they are very much intimated about maintaining a saree for a long day or they think that it is not for them. But it is true when they say that practice makes a man perfect. 

Nonetheless, many people still do pity mistakes while draping a saree. They may seem small but are quite large when it comes to presenting yourself for a cause. So we have taken down a list of some common errors that women do while wearing a saree.


No matter how posh our outfit is, we must always remember to make it as comfortable as possible. That’s the only way we will feel good about ourselves and the outfit and be more presentable. Like for every formation, the base has got to be strong. Likewise, the footwear you choose with a saree has got to be under the solace quotient. 

Many people have claimed that long heels or stilettos are the ultimate choices to go with a saree. But that is so not true. If you are a beginner or someone who rarely drapes a saree, then you can choose between the colorful Kolhapuris. These are much pleasing than wearing heels all day or dull, stylish sandals. 

Petticoat (color and fit), Going too high or low on the waist

In the next step, we have to take care of the right petticoat. There are various ranges of petticoats that are becoming more popular like a fish cut or mermaid style. But when you wear a sheer saree like chiffon, then you got to mind the length and color of the petticoats. The color has to match perfectly with the body color of the saree. Its length must not be too long to be peaking out of your saree or too short like a skirt. The petticoat must be tied just a little below the navel so it’s not much revealing or old-fashioned. 

Pallu length and pins 

You must mind the length of your pallu. Each saree has its distinct features which will reflect on the element of the pallu. So you have to tie up your pallu at least 4 inches below your knee to have a good finish and not to have a horrible pallu ending.

Be careful in the amount and the material of the pins that you use. For a more fancy look, pick out golden or silver-colored pins and use them all to a minimum. This is because there are chances of your saree getting too stiffened up.


A blouse is another important part of a saree as it has a major tendency to make the outfit look glamorous or disastrous. There is no specific rule as a fixed kind of blouse design for a particular fabric but creative you get with the designs, the outcome must look good.

Try wearing a contrasting embellished blouse for a plain silk saree or a sleeveless blouse for a floral embroidery saree. Similarly, you have to got to be cautious with your measurements, or else it can turn out to be the worst wardrobe malfunction of the century. So let it not be too loose or too tight. Get it stitched suitably according to your body type and wear the proper kind of inner garments. 

Draping style 

In earlier times, saree draping was treated as a rigorous exercise by the older ladies for women who were to get married sooner. But in this tech world, one can find a million ways to learn how to perfectly drape a saree. But different fabrics have different styles of draping like a cotton saree needs additional effort to be handled well. But that’s not the case in a georgette or satin saree. 

Whatsoever be the fabric, you have to fold in the pleats in a well-versed manner so that when you pin up the pallu just between your shoulder, it must showcase a very elegant look. 

Some other pointers to bear in mind 

  • Do not make the blunder mistake of matching up all your essential clothing with your saree color. It doesn’t have to be a red blouse with a red petticoat matched to a red bra along with some red accessories. Think outside the box and be as imaginative with your pairing up. 
  • If it’s an important occasion that you are putting together the attire, then you can try out the outfit look two-three days before the big day to avoid any sort of chaos. 
  • The kind of saree you pick out to wear and its matching essentials depends upon the event and part of the day but that does not mean we can overdo everything. 
  • Have a conscience not to go overboard with your makeup. Just the right kind of lipstick and minimal eye makeup is worth it. The selection of bags must also be small and appropriate according to your necessity. Motli bags or a glittery clutch are all brilliant choices. 

Final verdict 

So these are some of the common mistakes that are observed in a women’s story of saree draping. Do not worry if you are a beginner in this saree business, even the most experienced players tend to do some silky errors even after a long haul. So bear in mind a few rules and tricks on how to look more stylish and more worthwhile for every affair.  Do not forget to wear that smile as your confidence and slay the night as you own it. Check out our Exclusive Saree Collections!

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