Tissue Silk Sarees: Perfect attire for wedding occasions under 5k

Weddings around the world happen in various strategies keeping in mind the bride’s and groom’s family cultures and traditions meticulously. Many couples in recent days do make many changes in the wedding order or rather skip the prolonged plan of action and instead go for an intimate wedding. Nevertheless, whatever the circumstance or however modernized the people or the community becomes, some things never change for the good. For example, the large platter of food from various niches, the classical form of wedding music, or even a sneak peek on the bride’s trousseau. How a bride wishes to beautify herself on her special day is a vision to look on for. 

One such clothing that has never lost its charm and elegance but instead has only intensified its grace and intricacy is the sarees. When we pull up this topic, it is either googled as where can one get the best Banaras sarees in town or how much does a heavy Kanjeevaram saree cost? As eternities are shifting, brides now have a choice to wear something affluent for the season which is at the same time stunning too. Tissue silk sarees for wedding are not a new term for anyone who has been well updated with the fashion trends. They are anything but a perfect ensemble for someone who wants to keep it low-key but surely wants to shine like the sun. 

What are Tissue silk sarees? 

As the very name infers, these sarees are made of a fabric that resembles the delicateness and sheer nature of a thin tissue sheet. The plain tissue sarees have their lineage from Banaras and it is also obvious that the Banarasi tissue silk sarees are the current fad among the bridal wedding attire. 

Tissue sarees, in general, have a lighter texture and are made with accurate detailing. The real-time threads of gold or silver and the intricate motifs that are lifelike are the substantial highlights of these sarees which makes them further fascinating to Indian women. They have airy weaves which makes them much comfortable to wear under almost any climatic conditions. Tissue silk sarees are available in many variant color palettes which is a much suitable choice for all Indian skin tones and because of its upscale layouts, there are many in style for all wedding occasions. 

How does the weaving process happen? 

Every saree that we come across has its unique way of weaving which makes them so special for us. Sometimes it is the weaver’s mind-blowing creativity that we see in the overall needlework which makes us want to flaunt sarees even for the simplest of events. Likewise, tissue sarees have a distinct method of weaving where the shiny gold or silver threads which are mostly used in border work for numerous sarees are stitched up in the main body of the saree. 

These silk sarees are woven in a manner that the silk threads go in one direction and the colored or zari threads go in an opposing way. This not just gives the tissue silk sarees a dazzling effect but also gives it a glimmer that no other saree can ever exhibit. One can find the majority of the tissue sarees make out of pure silk fabric. But since it was very expensive for commoners, the weavers decided to merge fabrics like cotton by reducing the proportion of silk which makes it very much affordable for everyone.

Ways to style TISSUE SILK SAREES for a wedding

If you are someone who wishes to wear a saree for your wedding day but does not want yourself packed in the heaviest nine-yard drape ever but instead does want to enjoy your day to the amplest and yet look amazing in a saree, then think no more. Tissue silk sarees do shout out the phrase that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So regardless of the wedding setup, one can flaunt these sarees with much confidence. As these are sheer sarees as some would name them, the petticoat and blouse to be worn with the saree must be picked out carefully, precisely one that is matching to the color of the body of the saree.

It is said that tissue silk sarees are of two types, Kota tissue silk sarees from Mysore and Uppada silk saree from Andhra Pradesh. 

  • Kota sarees 

These sarees are made of rigid tissue fabric where small patterns that are termed as khats are printed on the saree including the pallu. Sometimes they might be enhanced with sequin work or painted with multicolored designs. Something that people do not know about this category of sarees is that they have their origin dating back to the Mughal era. 

  • Uppada sarees

These tissue sarees can occasionally be weaved with amplest embellished zari work that can make the saree to be a bit on the heavier side. But it is completely up to the bride’s consideration only. 

Maintenance of the sarees

For a long-lasting sheen of any type of clothing, proper maintenance is very much needed. When it’s the case of a saree, it must be given intensive care. Like, a tissue saree is made with a fabric that is very soft and so handling it can be a bit tricky. 

A dry clean is preferably recommended and if hand washing is done, the drying period must be limited to avoid the formation of wrinkles on the saree. Many times, it is advised to changes the foldings of a saree to avert the permanency of the creases.     

The final verdict

Weddings are surely a celebration that is to be remembered for ages and passed on to our younger ones. So it definitely must not be less than an inspiration for everyone and it is okay if something does not turn to be as perfect as excepted. But the thing we can make sure of in this wedding season is the unforgettable purchase of the bridal trousseau on our website, Mirra clothing. We have a fantastic collection of tissue silk wedding sarees with flawless quality. All these are available in just a click and you can to even gift them to your loved ones in no time, thanks to our speedy delivery ranges. The happiness of buying Mirra clothing is not just limited to Indians, but also to people around the globe too. 

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