Navy Blue Sarees: Perfect for a wedding reception look under 8k

For a long time, since sarees were the only dress that was meant grand for any occasion, women wore it only in two popular colors – red and yellow. These two shades were considered the most auspicious and sharp hues. But as days passed, people and the knitters started to include more colors like pink, orange, green, navy blue sarees, etc in the color of the saree’s bodies and the golden zari work remained unchanged on the pallu. 

Now, people have come up with different variations and combinations of the palette that makes the spectators go awestruck by the creations. In this article, we are going to see how the color blue or specifically a tint of it – navy blue sarees have completely expanded the styles of sarees by endless options. The population now easily speculates that anything you do with fashion and confidence can become a fad one day. 

The blue color is beyond dimensions 

Normally every color has its significance and beauty to its virtue. Likewise, blue signifies calm, confidence, charm, and lots of adjectives to its nature. That is why no one ever goes wrong with the pigment blue. In these modern times, the blue color is used to denote elements of a baby boy. But as the gender norms are becoming normalized, blue is suitable for every skin shade and every age group too. Not just for sarees, but when any kind of ethnic wear is taken into account, blue gives a very breezy and optimistic look to the person itself. 

There are varieties of shades of blue, but the navy blue color, in particular, shouts out a versatile kind of personality to the wearer. We do know that sarees showcase the most affluent side of the occasion and it is much ethical for a casual or even a formal get-together too. 

Fact: It was only after the 19th century when states around the world started to acknowledge blue color for boys and pink for girls. Before that, it was the reverse case because the pink color was considered dainty and strong and blue was soft and comforting. So blue is not just for baby boys but it is also for anyone who wants to have an outfit that isn’t too loud and wants to keep it low-key, try to purchase more blue outfits to make your wardrobe look more luminous. 

How well can one accessorize it? 

When it comes to wearing navy blue sarees of any fabric for that matter, it surely does not pertain to any particular event or any formal affairs only. Of course, blue in general is meant for a more pleasant look but rules are meant to be broken, yes? There are many different and ingenious ways in which women can make heads turn and it can accentuate their personality more vibrantly. 

First, if you want to head out for a formal event without any doubt you can select either a navy blue cotton or a cotton silk saree that has some admirable embroidery work. You can match the saree with some antique jewelry and a silver bracelet. Finish the look with some black or brown flats. 

When it comes to fixing blouses, one can go for a sleeveless blouse for a more fashionable glimpse and maybe a full-sleeved boat neck blouse for a conventional look.  

If you are about to head to a simple family get-together or a rather casual party, then sarees are not meant for seniors but also for women who are proud and influential at all times. So you can go in for a navy blue georgette or satin saree, that does not have much work done on it but surely generously accentuates your curves. You can complete your outfit with some statement earrings and some high heels. 

For a reception look, you can go in a gorgeous and the most popular choice of Banarasi saree with a golden pallu or a Kanjeevaram saree with some contrasting sequin works on it. Have some wonderful golden or even navy blue-colored jewelry set to wear with it. 

Final verdict 

“Blue is, therefore, most suitable as the color of the interior life.” As said by William H. Gass, blue is a matched shade and it has its pros and cons too. It’s time that you check out our exclusive collection of glorious navy blue sarees in Mirra clothing, that you are so alluring for any circumstance. Though it does not have much difference from the many different hues of blue, this one is surely an impressive ice breaker. 

There is a variety of matching or non-matching blouses that you can choose and wear with a lovely saree from Mirra clothing. One must always remember that there is no fixed or permanent method of draping a saree. There are immense ways in which one can wear the navy blue sarees even with a halter neck blouse or a blouse with puffy sleeves too. 

Sarees can surely prove to be a sassy and fun option if you are trained well to drape them according to your comfort level. Whether it is a party or a date night, you can always seize the day or night by wearing beautiful navy blue sarees. Because just the color itself has got that sense of royal ness and it sure can prove to be a trendsetter in many ways too.

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