Pure Banarasi silk sarees: An Evergreen Fashion For Every Wedding Function

Every woman has a dream to look like a queen on her wedding day. They romanticize about having the perfect attire, venue,  to have the best time of their life. Unlike any other weddings in the world, our Indian marriages are all about bringing together various traditions and diversities to celebrate their uniqueness. Having said that, we all know the prominence of a bride’s apparel and its impression on anyone around it. Though we are in the modern era of rapidly changing trends, there are still many elegant and inestimable fragments of the past that never run out of urbanity. One such item is the irreplaceable traditional six drape sarees that aggrandize our ethnicity. Unmistakably, sarees are the favorite choice for any kind of event and this sophisticated clothing is worn by women of all generations. There are various categories when it comes to sarees, but the one-of-a-kind pure banarasi silk sarees are a varied style of a masterpiece that has ruled over our nation for many decades now. Let us scroll down to see how and why pure banarasi silk sarees are not just the best choice of attire but also the most delightful choice for a wedding event. 

A Brief Story Of The Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees

There are a lot of versions of the origin of the banarasi silk saree for weddings. But experts believe that as the name suggests, this royal piece of fabric was first established in the city of temples, Benares which is currently renamed as Varanasi. 

Pure Banarasi silk sarees are popular because of their rich floral motifs that represent the ancient yet delicate craftsmanship of the Mughals. The pure banarasi silk sarees that were incorporated with pearls, embellished work made of gold and silver had such a rich and charming texture that was only affordable by the kings and affluent people. Very soon, it became an eye candy for the commoners too so they made these banarasi silk sarees for wedding, special occasions by just replacing the heavy zari work with beautiful threads that were gold plated. There are still many pure banarasi silk sarees that are made in the conventional way back in Varanasi.                   

How to choose the precise kind of Banarasi silk saree for weddings?

Banarasi sarees come in varieties like Kora Silk, Pure Silk, Tussar silk, Organza with exquisite motifs of fruits, peacocks, patterns, etc. Each of the Banarasi silk saree for wedding that you find in showrooms or during online shopping are beautifully designed for every unique woman in the world. 

So for each body shape and preference, these pure Banarasi silk saree works certainly well. For example, a tall bride or wedding guest can opt for a banarasi silk saree online that is designed with smaller floral or animal motifs instead of larger geometric patterns.

Complexion-wise, the people who have more of a dusky complexion, can choose between a dark red and gold saree, whereas the pale complexion ones can select a bright yellow or a soft pink colored banarasi silk saree for wedding. The original pure Banarasi silk saree is exclusively made in Uttar Pradesh, so make sure that you look out for the sarees made out of cheap silk from China or other countries. 

Ways to maintain a high-end pure Banarasi silk saree 

If you think buying or wearing a banarasi saree online is the toughest part of an event, then think again! It is the after-party aka the maintenance of the dress that takes up your entire time and energy. But it is not very difficult to do so, provided if you follow the proper instructions and take utmost care of the pure banarasi silk sarees, then you can retain its spark for a longer duration. 

  • It is always recommended to have your pure banarasi silk sarees dry cleaned by professionals, but if you have to wash them at home, do not use harsh or warm water as it can damage the silk easily. Dry it in a shady place and store it on a clean, thin muslin cover to maintain its glow. 
  • Before draping the saree, you can do the pleats and steam iron it to make it look more elegant. 
  • Do fold these pure banarasi silk sarees twice a year in order to avoid the creases. 
  • Usage of hangers is the best possible way when it comes to delicate and banarasi saree online.                              

The distinction between a pure banarasi silk saree and a Kanjeevaram silk saree

They both are the most amazing and wonderful kinds of silk sarees that are famous not just in a certain part of India, but also all over the world. But they do have their specialties and extraordinary features. The banarasi saree online in general are composed of smaller designs like flowers, birds but a traditional Kanjeevaram saree consists of temples, elephants, and motifs related to the epic Ramayana in their large pallu borders. Banarasi silk sarees for weddings originated from Banaras are way more inexpensive than the Southern-inspired Kanjeevaram silk sarees. The most important difference is that Kanjeevaram silks are made by the Bombyx mori, the silkworm that produces the purest silk. Pure Banarasi silk saree is made out of woven silk thread. 

And the final verdict….

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime blessing that happens with great celebration and excitement. So even if you are a trendy bride or bridesmaid who wants to make your wedding day special by overlooking the rituals a bit but still wants to rock that silk outfit, you can do so by wearing a fusion Benaras lehenga saree or even a silky jumpsuit for a colorful cocktail party!

These pure Banarasi silk sarees are not just a choice for wedding attire but are also flaunted on various special occasions too. Even though there are a million ways in which one can purchase a breathtaking pure banarasi silk saree, the one-stop that sells THE most amazing sarees is our Mirra clothing. So do not forget to visit our website and check our Latest collections of fabulous sarees from all over the world.       

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