What is Mul cotton Sarees?

Mul cotton sarees basically Originated from Bengal, the saree is also called muslin. It is very popular among Europeans and one of the important fabrics exported by Indians. The mul cotton fabric has considerable influence from Iran, where this fabric is extremely delicate and light. It is breathable cotton and suitable clothing for summer. It […]

How to wear cotton saree?

With these quick and easy tips, you can easily drape the cotton saree perfectly.1.Take one end of the sari, hold it horizontally and tuck it inside the petticoat.2.No, start by draping your saree and wrap until the petticoat is covered.3.When draping is complete, the saree fabric left out will be stained on the front.4.Then bring […]

Where to buy cotton sarees online?

Mirra Clothing has a variety of cotton sarees online at best price. we have latest designs of cotton sarees such as Cotton Silk Saree in Chequered Pattern, Cotton Saree with Floral Prints, Block Printed Mul Cotton Saree and many more. The cotton sarees prices starts from 1499 onwards depending upon designs and colours it can […]

What type of blouse suits with cotton sarees?

When planning to wear cotton sarees, it is essential to pair them well with an adorable blouse. You can try on different styles and designs of blouses to team up with your gorgeous cotton sarees. Besides cotton blouse designs, there are other blouse designs that you may prefer to go with your sarees, including sequin […]

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