What is Muga Silk?

Muga silk is golden-colored silk produced only in Assam. It can be found in various Assamese costumes illustrating their rich tradition. Made from silkworms, Muga silk is widely used to make a number of traditional outfits. These silkworms feed on the aromatic leaves of the Soalu and Som plants. Experienced people are involved in the […]

What are Pure silk sarees?

Pure Silk sarees are known to be beautiful, elegant and luxurious. Pure Silk sarees are not only stylish, but they also last a long time. These sarees are of different types. Some of the most common are Berhampuri, Phulkari, Arani Pattu, Kasavu, Muslin, Pochampally, etc. The designs of these sarees depend on the types. You […]

How Much Pure silk sarees Cost?

A pure silk saree with a simple border usually costs around 6,000 INR, while elaborate sarees can be as high as 40,000 INR. In some exceptional cases, prices can also go up to 1 Lakhs. Mirra clothing has a latest pure silk sarees online with gold and zari borders at reasonable cost. Mirra clothing’ s […]

What is Zari Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in India and these sarees known for their gold and silver zari, the dyed silk and zari threads are wound into the handloom to create a desired pattern for the saree. These zari worked Banarasi sarees are called zari banarasi sarees. Mirra clothing has wide range of […]

What is Mul cotton Sarees?

Mul cotton sarees basically Originated from Bengal, the saree is also called muslin. It is very popular among Europeans and one of the important fabrics exported by Indians. The mul cotton fabric has considerable influence from Iran, where this fabric is extremely delicate and light. It is breathable cotton and suitable clothing for summer. It […]

What is muslin silk?

Muslin (or Dhakai Muslin) sarees have their origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh and were popularized during Mughal rule in India. Very delicate to the touch and exotic to the eye, the fabric of these sarees is considered the ultimate in luxury. Traditional dhakai weaves along the border and pallav bring out the subtle splendor of these […]

What is Salwar Suit?

Salwar suit is the two-set ethnic dress, which includes a Kurti or tunic and stocking. it is associated with a dupatta or a stole to add layers. The best part is that it is easy to carry and is great for women of all ages and body types. At Mirra clothing you can find a […]

How to take care of salwar suits?

Salwar suits come with different items and fabrics, so you should always read its label and take care of it accordingly. You can clean it and iron it from time to time. However, if its fabric and work is delicate, dry clean it. Use hangers to hang them in your closet to maintain their age.

Is salwar out of fashion?

Believe it or not, the trend to wear salwar suit never goes out of fashion. Not only is this outfit comfortable to the core, it is also suitable for risky weather conditions. Whether it’s an informal or a formal event, it won’t let you down. Not only is this set hassle-free, but it’s also on […]

Where to get your perfect salwar suit?

It is easy to buy salwar suit online. Most ethnic clothing stores have a varied collection. However, if you are looking for an extraordinary outfit, you must check out Mirra clothing. Head over to Mirra clothing for all your traditional wear needs!. Overall, the trend of wearing salwar suit is here to stay. With a […]

Which silk is best for lehenga?

A Silk lehenga also makes a woman beautiful and elegant. When the two are combined and a silk lehenga is worn, it looks very classy. Whether summer or winter, it is considered a lehenga fabric suitable for any type of occasion. So, it makes you feel comfortable when it is draped. Raw silk and Banarasi […]

How can I look attractive in lehenga?

Follow these hacks to look attractive in Lehenga Heavy embellishment in both lehenga and choliHeavy lehenga embellished for a wedding function is fine, but you still have to keep it balanced. If your lehenga is very heavy, keep the choli plain, while the heavy choli will be good with the lehenga plain. But don’t wear […]

Where can I buy Banarasi silk lehenga?

Mirra clothing has a good collection of Banarasi silk lehengas in different colours and designs. You can get Banarasi lehenga with unique borders, exquisite artwork and creative patterns in different color hues, This makes Mirra clothing, one of the best site to buy Banarasi lehenga online at best price

What is Kota silk sarees?

Kota silk is also called as Kota Doria, it is the name of a light weight fabric made of tiny woven squares (khat) which is still hand woven on traditional pit looms in Kaithoon near Kota in Rajasthan and in some of the surrounding villages. The chequered weave of a Kota sari is very popular. […]

How to take care of your Kota silk sarees?

you just need to follow a few instructions: 1.If you want to clean these sarees at home, be sure to use a mild detergent and warm water. 2.You can even have it dry cleaned if you don’t want to take any chances. 3.Avoid putting on fabric conditioners as it may ruin its beauty. 4.Iron your […]

How to identify Kota silk sarees?

The original Kota silk sarees have a fine texture, a light and airy look. It has the translucent vibrations and feels very comfortable after wearing it. Another way to choose the right saree is to look for the square plaid pattern. These are always in bright colors so never choose a Kota silk saree with […]

Is Kota silk soft?

Kota silk sarees are made of pure silk. As the Kota silk sarees are made of light and fine threads, they are easy to drape and comfortable to wear all day long. Kota weaving has square patterns called khats. These sarees are light and very soft. The sarees are hand dyed to perfection by highly […]

What is the price range of Kota silk sarees?

Mirra clothing has the latest designs of Kota silk sarees available online at the best price. Check out the latest collection of Kota silk sarees such as Silver Kota Silk Saree with Mirror Work, Gold Kota Silk Saree with Mirror Work, and many more. The Kota silk sarees price starts from 1999 onwards..

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