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dark pink mangalagiri saree

There is a common myth that is prevailing highly in the whole world that pink is the colour that has been made for baby girls. We would hear of this phrase in our entire childhood. But did you know in the early 80s, pink was considered to be a strong shade and so it was labelled as a befitting colour for men? The Americans changed this lesser know fact and turn it into the only fact that the world is being ruled by. Pink-coloured attire or saree has since been a favourite and a beautiful shade that belongs to girls only. It is surely is a common shade when we discuss age groups. Men of this modern era are finding pink to be a neutral hue that empowers all mankind.

Pink-coloured sarees in all fabrics look very beautiful and when they are draped in a way that is much innovative than the ordinary method, no other style can beat these sarees.

When pink is found to be such an endearing colour for most Indo-western outfits, then how captivating will this shade look on the only Indian sarees. So in this article, we have handpicked some of the top-quality collection of pink sarees that was ever made by the incredibly talented artisans from Mirra Clothing.

1. Pink is the new navy

Who doesn’t like to wear a charming silk saree for a wedding or a temple festival? If the saree that you decide to wear is pink in colour and is ornamented with some shiny golden zari weaves, then it calls in for a double celebration for the wearer’s beauty.

This super captivating saree which seems minimal in its appearance can surely create a contrasting impression on others. This saree can be a fine-looking jewel that would need a minimal amount of jewellery.  

A dull golden coloured or a blouse whose colour is similar to the saree’s colour can be paired along with the saree and some heavy silver antique jewellery will surely prove to be a show-stopper of the event.

2. Pretty in Pink?

One of the lightest forms of the pink colour for sarees can be considered as the innocent outlook as the clothing for women. Normally a silk saree looks attractive with embellishments of golden zari work, but a baby pink coloured saree with a shiny, thick silver border can be a keen feature to the saree.

A sequinned blouse of silver or off-white coloured blouse can be worn for an extraordinary affair.

The most highlight of this saree is that this saree is combined well with silver weaves. It is much different from the sarees that are normally weaved with real gold threads.

3. Believe in Pink

A silk saree that is light in weight and looks beautiful in its outer appearance is something that all women would want to wear every day. A dark pink colour can be achieved when we blend some darker hues like purple, royal blue, brown etc.

The silver zari checks is a great replacement for the usual rich golden zari works which can turn out to be outstanding embroidery work.

To complement the unique silver side of the saree, one can wear a plain silver shaded silk blouse that can be stitched in the various graceful blouse designs that are available easily.

4. Pink is always in the season

We would have come across many sarees that has a beauteous characteristic like some artistic designs on the body or pallu of the saree that makes us want to look at it again and again. If you have old sarees of your mom’s or granny’s which has a sentimental value but you want a touch of newness to them, you can always wear an alluring saree blouse piece.

Here we present to you a silk saree that has its beauty set on its glowing border shade. It has got the look that is applicable for the elite women and for those who wear their confidence on their sleeve.

5. Under the Pink Skies

Pink is an ethereal colour that is loved and adored by girls of all ages and nationalities. People who feel that pink is a bright hue that is meant for only young girls, then here is a shade of pink that is created with the shade of an onion. This colour is neither too bright and it is not dull to look plain to everyone.

It is a minimal looking saree that is suitable for grand functions who believes in ‘Less is more’ and also for office wear for some conformity. This is a must-have clothing staple that can surely save your day and it can be flaunted beautifully at all seasons.

And that is a wrap……

There are many pastels and dull colours present on Earth and each one has its importance and beauty. Pink is a unique kind of shade that keeps the wearer achieving a sophisticated and calm look.

Mirra Clothing has the most exceptional collection of the best pink-coloured sarees in India. They are cool to flaunt and is recommended for every woman who wants to look realistic and splendid. You can very well prove to your peers that pink is not just for girl babies, but it can be very realistically be worn by older women too in the form of an elegant saree.

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