Latest raw silk blouse designs that are trending this season

Royal Blue Raw Silk Blouse

Wearing and owning silk sarees is a beautiful milestone for every woman. Imagine when you open your wardrobe and find impeccable silk sarees each of which are of a graceful colour. These are some magical moments that you can pass on to future generations. Flaunting a pure silk saree is not easy work as you have to take care of many steps. 

With the pleating and right kind of drapes, it can be challenging at first but with immense practice, you can even create your style. 

One other crucial part of wearing the perfect type of silk saree is matching it with the smart type of saree blouse. There are many trendy designs for blouses that a woman can choose to pair with the sarees. To select the right kind of blouse which has a genuine fabric weave is not so simple to find. In Mirra Clothing, we have a varied collection of raw silk blouse designs that are bursting with inimitable colours. The best part is that they can be worn with all kinds of sarees ranging from casual to traditional silk sarees.

1. The neutral One

Shop Now : Navy Blue Raw Silk Blouse

People who love fashion would know about the hurdles one has to go through to mix and match a saree with an appropriate blouse design and material. This peach-coloured blouse makes the job a little easier. This is an ideal saree blouse that goes with all saree colours and patterns. It is not too eye-catching but showcases the correct amount of classiness. Its silky effect and radiating shine is a perfect fit for organza and shimmery sarees. 

This sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline can be worn by modern women for a casual date or even for an intimate ceremony. 

2. The Colourful Butterflies to be Flaunted

Shop Now : White Muslin Silk Blouse With Floral Prints

Designing a rainbow blouse and pairing it with a simple looking saree is a versatile mixing of two contrast clothing pieces. The floral prints on this particular raw silk blouse have been printed in such a way that it is hard to find which colours are even missing here. 

Muslin being a very light fabric has been blended with the silk fabric in the right proportion and the boatneck design proves how authentic a blouse can become. 

3. The Royal’s Handiwork

Shop Now : Purple Banarasi Brocade Silk Blouse

 Banarasi is a popularly known traditional fabric that has been involved in most bridal attires. The nonpareil charm has also been a fad among many wedding guests. Just a simple Banarasi shawl is set to make hearts flutter. Certainly, when this material is used to make a patterned blouse in a royal hue like purple, it can make anyone get lost in its sight.  The cute buttoned outline of the blouse can make it wearable for daily wear too.

4. The all-time essential blouse

Shop Now : Handwoven Silver Pure Tissue Silk Blouse

Purchasing a neutral coloured blouse like an off-white or black coloured blouse can save so much time and make any saree look incredible. This kind of blouse seems to look more amazing when worn with sarees that have a contrasting hue. Though it looks a little simple, it sure can be a delightful choice for anyone who wants to hang out on a summer afternoon for a casual meeting or even for a get together too.

5. When the transparency of fabric meets royal hues

Shop Now : Royal Blue Raw Silk Blouse

 The colour royal blue always looks grander in a silk saree. If this same hue is to be used to stitch a wonderful raw silk blouse then it would certainly be a great turnout. 

This sleeveless blouse will look beautiful when draped with a floral organza saree or a silver-coloured tissue saree. One tip for people who love to mix and match with sarees is to always pair a light-coloured blouse with a dark-hued saree. It would work in the reverse order too.

6. The perfect blend of tradition and modernism at the edges

Shop Now : Black Raw Silk Blouse

If you take a look at this blouse, it looks outstanding in its form. The deep back cut of the blouse proves how elegant a piece of the blouse can become. At the ends of each border of the blouse, there is an impeccable design of golden motifs that steal the show. Without a second thought, this blouse can be purchased for a future bridesmaid or for that special festive day

7. An unparalleled raw silk blouse

Shop Now : Grey Raw Silk Blouse

 This is a blouse that is apt for women who want to have a sexy look by wearing sarees. It is a great choice for those who wish to have a comfortable level of clothing but yet showcases a classy look too. The colour grey is been popularised by the minute and silky shine contributes more to its oomph factor.

8. The nature of the raw silk

Shop Now : Amber Green Banarasi Silk Blouse

A green-coloured raw silk blouse is bound to be a part of the raw silk family as it represents the pure nature of Mother Earth. Here we have a distinct kind of green hue called the amber green colour which has a delightful appearance. The hexagonal golden shaped designs that are stamped all over the blouse is a great addition to the gorgeous blouse. 

9. What happens when gold meets black?

Shop Now : Gold Black Chanderi Silk Blouse

 This lovely black coloured blouse with golden branches like strokes seem to have a fantastic appeal on the saree it is paired with. Sometimes it happens that the accessories or blouses that you wear with a saree seem to greatly highlight your personality. The golden mixed black shaded blouse has the same purpose. 

10. The queen of all shades

Shop Now : Red Raw Silk Blouse


These are the wondrous raw silk blouse designs that are available only at Mirra Clothing. While you are to match the right blouse, why not check out the elegant silk saree collection that everyone is talking about? We know that certainly, you will find the apt saree that is meant for you. 

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