How to Identify Pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees?

Kanjivaram silk sarees originate from Kanchipuram in southern India. It is worn during festivals and celebrations. The original Kanjivaram Saree stands in 9 meters or 6 meters long with the real zari work in gold and silver. It will cost you between 6000 / – and 2.00,000 / -. These have the contrasting body and edging look. These also have the silk mark. Also, if the zari threads aren’t golden and silver in color, don’t assume it’s original. Try to do the wire test if you are confused. The original silk threads will leave a scent of burnt leather or hair. One of the most foolproof ways to tell the difference between an original and fake Kanchipuram silk saree is to pick a few loose threads from the saree, burn them, pick the remaining ash and smell it. You’ll be met with a smell similar to that of burnt leather or hair

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