Dasara Special Sarees – Top Saree outfits to wear this Festive Occasion

India is a country that is known for its togetherness and the best example of our harmony is showcased through our traditional festivals. It is known that every part of our nation celebrates many festivals to honour each of our gods and goddesses. Dussehra or Dasara is a celebration that is eminent for victory over evil. This day is celebrated with much determination and dedication. 

For the past almost two years, we are celebrating our festivals virtually in a much enjoyable and enthusiastic manner. All our purchases for each event have always been special and treasured and every online shopping site is thriving to make each of our shopping experiences a very memorable one. 

We, at Mirra Clothing, are also in the run to make all our customers feel at ease while they turn to us for a clean and happy shopping time. This Festive season, we have some of the Dasara special sarees collections that will surely make all your admirers be astonished by your outfit choices. Get ready to be floored by the countless compliments that are about to hit you.

1. Organza sarees

During every festival along with enjoying the traditions and the time spend with our loved ones, there comes huge loads of work taken to make the occasion a blessed and successful one. For that, it is important that you are comfortable with Dasara special sarees that you wear and also look stylish and presentable before your guests and relatives. 

For this type of hard situation, we have a trendy solution for you. Organza sarees which are lightweight in appearance and classy on all body types can be purchased without any second thoughts. 

These Dasara special sarees may seem soft and delicate by their outer look but they are made out of raw and strong fabrics which can withstand any resistance. 

They are not just a beautiful choice for youngsters and middle-aged women too. Organza sarees can be a graceful change for curvy women who feel guilty about wearing these sarees that make them look charming and elegant.   

2. Kanjivaram sarees

The most common speciality of South India is these impeccable Kanjivaram sarees. But these days that have become a regular delight saree kind among all young brides and bridesmaids alike. They are a very unique style of weaving that is tedious yet rewarding. The designs that are neatly embodied into the weaves are a collection of motifs of flowers, temples, etc which state highly of the Tamil culture.

Imagine you wearing this unexceptional piece of traditional sarees for the Dasara celebrations, it would not just uplift your spirits but also have a supreme impact on the people who get to witness this astonishing sight.

Kanjeevaram sarees can and will always remain the most favourite among the wedding saree choices, but they can have the same vibrant effect for celebrations like these. So, buy an elegant royal blue or the evergreen yellow or red-coloured Kanjeevaram saree and pair it off with a contrasting, embellished blouse. 

3. Banarasi silk sarees

The Temple city of India, Banaras is famous for its religious assets and the ever-loved Banarasi fabric which is another charming kind of weave that is used for many clothing pieces. Banarasi sarees that are manufactured from the source itself are very much in demand, simply because of their elegance and the creativity that overflows in each drape. 

Banarasi sarees are a much-desired dressing attire choice for most brides of India. Though a little hard to handle due to the heavy embroidery work done all over it, the dignity and happiness you receive when you drape these sarees you forget every ounce of pain that you go through. It makes you feel so special and comfortable in your skin. 

4. Tissue sarees

Another easy means to flaunt the saree type are the tissue sarees. As the name predicts, these sarees resemble the appearance of tissue paper. Meaning to say they are semi-transparent by nature and they are elicited in many dynamic and spirited routes. 

These sarees are also easy to handle and are flowy. The beauty of the Tissue sarees is that they reflect the qualities of royal-born women and they can be classified as the beauties of the colony. 

5. Accessories

As the trends are changing every day, people choose to dress and wear makeup that’s best suits their mood and personality. As it comes to the section of accessories many people are willing to wear heavy gold or silver jewellery. Of course many still prefer the tag ‘Less is More’ and opt for some simple accessories like silver bracelets and antique earrings. 

Festivals are meant to dress up according to our culture and to represent how our ancestors would have celebrated these auspicious events like these. 


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Mirra Clothing has always worked hard to recognize the expert craftsmanship of our local artisans and has provided a flawless and realistic collection of Dasara special sarees to all our consumers. Do not forget to visit our website to check out the magic that keeps everyone wanting more. 

Special circumstances always need special attention to give more importance for yourself to look radiant and spectacular for these kinds of events. Mirra Clothing has and will always be a great shopping stop to purchase gorgeous sarees that can build on many memories. 

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