Surprise your Mom This Mother’s Day With Stunning Saree Gifts

Celebrating a special occasion requires a lot of compassion and dedication. They say that life is a celebration and each day must be lived like there is no tomorrow. No matter how much we observe our festivals and holidays in the most auspicious way, dedicating one day for a special person in our life, be it our fathers, teachers, workers, students, martyrs, children, etc can be the most remarkable way of showing our true love and admiration towards that human being. Such a wondrous day is Mother’s day that falls on the 12th of May. So on this beautiful occasion, we at Mirra clothing have come up with some delightful ideas and ranges of sarees for mother that are not just convenient for yummy mummies but efficient for queen bees as well.

Mother’s day is celebrated to cherish every mom or any motherly figure who surrenders their existence for the goodwill of their children and society. Being a mother is heavenly bliss for every woman which cannot be affirmed by plain utterances or thoughts. Mothers adopt an amazing role in our lives that cannot be supplanted by anyone else. Let us have a closer look at these sarees we have in our mother’s day collection that is set to impress the Marmadukes at home.

  •  Simplicity is the new fashion

If you are someone who loves to wear sarees for all intentions, then the Chiniya silk sarees are the ultimate dress choice for you. Originated from Banaras, these silk sarees are on the top of the charts when we talk about the best sarees for mother. Not just are they comfortable for daily wear, but the elegant layouts grant every mother their most comfort zone. Effortlessly shining like a diamond, every mother can show off their skilled self with this delicate yet gorgeous piece of fabric. 

  • One-stop-shop for traditional wear

One of the authentic sarees for mother can be none other than the Mangalagiri silk sarees. Gloriously handcrafted from the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh, it is a unique style of micro weaving that makes these Mangalagiri sarees are the most extraordinary saree gifts for mother’s day. They are available in many brilliant shades of brown, hot pink, shades of blue and green, and also these sarees are so advantageous for those working mothers who are always on their toes 24/7.

  • The silky yet flowy flair of solace

Georgette sarees are most commonly found in everyone’s wardrobe as it is super comfortable for all seasons and events and if you are someone who is up to a low budget gift, then these lightweight silky sarees are the ethical saree gift for your mother. Unlike the well-known chiffon, georgette sarees are more adequate for a conservative audience.

The decent kind of georgette is made out of pure yarn but for better production and outcome, some weavers incorporate yarns from nylon and rayon, which make the saree more durable and easy to drape. These are also known as faux georgette sarees. 

  • Fashion never fades away 

In the catalog of the magnificent yet subtle kind of sarees for mother’s day are these tissue silk sarees. They have their ancestry from the land of temples, Banaras. However, the difference between the factual Banaras silk and tissue silk sarees is that the latter is much more exquisite and appropriate for any grand occasion. When compared to a Kanjeevaram saree or a pure silk saree, these tissue sarees are light underweight depending on the embellished work done on its body. So they are more suitable sarees for mothers of any age and style. For a rich shimmering effect, the weavers comprise gold or silver zari work so it is even more attractive than at its basic stage.  

  • Elegance at its peak 

When it comes to the oldest way of manually weaving the neat threads of various cotton threads, it would be a mistake not to mention the Kota sarees. These sarees are most popular in the southern Indian states, especially at its birthplace, Mysore, and also its present state, Rajasthan. Initially, it was formulated only as cotton sarees, but due to increased demand for the fabric, it was split and created as silk and cotton sarees. Kota silk sarees also have elegant block printing on their pallu and body along with the traditional way of weaving them by a shuttle procedure. An excellent selection of these can prove to be a striking saree gift for mother’s day. 

  • Tradition at its peak

People who are in love or just awestruck with the idea of sarees would never be without owning at least one of these pure Banarasi silk sarees. Originated from Varanasi, these sarees represent the elegant Persian beauty by the Mughal motifs that are beautifully sewed with shiny zari or mirror work. On this mother’s day, every mom deserves only the best and worthy sort of love and affection from the beings around them. 

A must-have staple in every wardrobe, Banarasi sarees are the valid chain for any get-together, weddings, or festivals. The best part of all this is that women of any age and shape and size can very well style these six drape saree and be gleaned with tons of compliments.  

  •  The six drapes sheer fashion

Many people of this generation still think that draping a saree is rocket science. But did you know the accurate reason why women think sarees are the best highlight for any venue? It is eventually because of the comfort and the refinement it provides. One such type of sarees for mother are the Chiffon sarees. Because of their unique versatility and the easiest opinion for formal or informal attire, they are very much in demand and have become a favorite among many. 

The final verdict 

We at Mirra clothing, have introduced a varied collection of sarees that is not just a relevant choice for this mother’s day but also a choice that is worth every penny of yours. Any kind of gift or gesture is never enough to praise the endeavors done by any mother in the world. These sarees cannot surely be the ultimate manner to say thank you but it would be the most respectable way of honoring them for what they are and how well they lead our lives into harmony.  So make sure you don’t miss out on the smile and the priceless warmth your mothers would feel when they see these terrific sarees for their special day. 

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