Top 5 Saree Border Designs To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

There are many different kinds of sarees in the world and until today, there are a million methods discovered by men to drape it around their bodies. In each state of India, the draping style and the fabric kind differs. Some notches of a saree that never differs are their border and blouse designs which are being commonly prevailing everywhere. 

Borders on a saree show a different yet captivating impression of the whole saree. They can even give a boring, plain saree with a good, fresh look. Here, in this article, we have listed four saree border designs that are appropriate for many fabrics and are listed to suit almost all body types and age groups. 

1. Saree Border designs with gold zari work

An exquisite work from Kashmir called Kashmiri Kashidari and Chikankari work from Lucknow has been in the markets for a long time and its work is still loved by many. These styles are composed of motifs of birds, flowers, and many rare shades filled in them. 

It is not every day where you feel like a princess when you wear a saree, but these types of sarees can have an excellent impact on your body. 

Banarasi sarees have always been a top-notch choice for many weddings and special occasions. What makes it so special? The shiny material of silk, the hues and if you have worn a designer blouse with it, then it make the saree more special. But did you know that all sarees can be made look a bit like the famous Banarasi saree? 

Add some heavy borders made completely out of colorful zari work and then you will see what we are talking about! This purple Banarasi saree will certainly not have the royal look when the borders appear to be plain and dull. 

Most women prefer their sarees to have a shiny and excellent zari border to highlight the saree. It is very much suitable for silk dupatta, kurta, etc. One need not add on any accessories or makeup to look beautiful in sarees that are designed with zari embroidered work that also involves sequins and handwork. 

A sleeveless or blouse with a deep neckline of the color that matches the saree’s border can be worn with ease and it will be a great asset to your outfit. 

2. Saree Border with Contrasting color designs 

This type of border is something that women of all age groups cherish in sarees. The saree with contrasting colored border designs can change the whole idea of a dull-looking saree and give a proper and well-groomed look. 

Sarees that are heavily embellished with heavyweight fabric or zari works can also have a thin, pipeline of a different hue border blended into the saree. Even if it doesn’t change the elegance of the saree, it can surely become a fad or later on. 

If you are someone who loves to do DIY experiments on clothes or just want to give a fresh vibe to one of your favorite saree from your mother’s collection, then here is your chance. You can choose a fabric that is not too gaudy but of an assorted shade and get it stitched neatly onto the border of the saree. This would surely be added to one of the best looks of your fashion calendar. 

3. Saree Border designs with silver work

Silk sarees are always a delight to wear on all occasions. Sarees with golden work, in general, have been a royal favorite for many ladies, but the silver zari checks are a totally different illusion to admire. 

These silver borders provide a different shine to the saree. A partially silvered blouse or a sequinned blouse for a sexier look can be a great fit for these kinds of sarees. 

4. Embroidery designs 

Just like a women’s personality, there are many varieties of sarees which is suitable for every mood and every personality. Some simply love great golden or silver zari work filled up in the whole body of the saree. A simple, embroidered saree that has minimal work done on it can always be someone’s go-to outfit. 

The lilac saree can definitely be a great fit for any woman who loves the unique hues of pastel, but having a sequined-based thin border on the saree’s length showcases the attempt of the weavers to make it look more than a simple embroidered saree. 

It is not necessary to have a broad embroidered saree border you need to have some thread work done on the saree. Even a colorful cotton or georgette saree can also be made attractive by these embroidered border designs. Generally, these borders are inspired by flowers or artistic designs that show a whole new look of the saree. There are many different types in which this embroidered border work can be done. 

5. Lace designs 

There are many sarees that get noticed by people or they buy with much enthusiasm because of a beautiful and glittering lace border. Saree can have the thinnest lace border or thick golden border designs and each saree’s look can differ very well depending on these. Of course, nowadays one can find these designer borders being replaced by ruffles and tassel pompoms, but designs like the laces and sequined borders never go out of style. 

Every kind of lace border, be it of the same hue or of a beautiful contrasting shade it does give a feeling of bliss for every woman. This lace border is suitable for all saree fabrics ranging from cotton to silky georgette kinds. 

One can always pair a plain saree of lace border with an exceptional saree blouse design like boat neck or 3/4th sleeve and enjoy the compliments that flow your way. 

If you are going to be a bridesmaid soon and want to wear a saree that shows off in a vibrant style, then these sarees are surely for you. 


We, at Mirra Clothing, have saree with border designs mentioned above and more. You can also select the right type of blouses that suits your sarees from our online store, Mirra Clothing. There is a lot of experiment and mix and match that you can try out here or even get the expert’s guidance to make not just a better but the best choice. 

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