Pure Silk Sarees for Onam Celebration 2021 | Festival special

Every festival ever celebrated in India has a special place in everyone’s hearts and each of them has a very unique story behind it. Unlike the previous generations, the modern age people have all started to recognize that every festival can be celebrated by anyone with much joy and harmony. One of the commonly known festivals is Onam which is grandly celebrated in the Southern part of India, especially in the famously known as God’s own country. The suitable attire that is chosen for almost many traditional events is the six drape sarees. The well-known Kerala Kasavu saree is known for its elegance and is usually draped by everyone during the Onam celebration. It is generally made up of two primary colors, gold and white/beige all of them weaved in pure silk fabrics. Though the shades denote wealth and prosperity, silk sarees are a common yet beautiful choice of sarees for most South Indian festive events and weddings. 

As times are changing, people are switching to some colorful silk saree hues like light colors of pink, blue, butter yellow. These silk sarees can be Mysore silk saree, Kanchipuram saree, etc. Let us take some of the graceful silk saree collection available on our website, Mirra Clothing that you can happily purchase and drape for this special occasion of Onam. 

1. Kanjivaram silk sarees

The ultimate definition silk sarees can be stated by the Kanjivaram silk sarees. A bright level of shimmery – ness along with the many pulsating colors is what we can absorb in any type of silk saree. The distinct property of these South-Indian special silk sarees is that they each have a unique story to convey through their varying golden zari work and majestic motifs. 

Many weavers in the deep Southern part of India lie their livelihood into the making of these sarees. The purer the silk yarns are, the more expensive is a Kanjivaram silk saree. Named after its own place, it can always be designed according to each one’s need and it is very suitable for all festive events that happen in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Due to its amazing alluring charm, these sarees have become a perfect replacement for the original Kasuvu sarees. 

2. Banarasi silk sarees

An unswerving race against the wonderful Kanjivaram silk sarees is without a doubt the Banarasi silk sarees of Northern India. Seen on every grand occasion, especially at weddings, this fabric has been making its name around the town for quite some time now.

A fantastic saree choice for the Onam celebration is they will never disappoint you. If you are looking for a saree that has the beauty of Banarasi fabric but is a little on the lighter side, then you can always purchase a Banarasi mixed georgette or chiffon saree that can solve the problem with ease. 

Many Banarasi sarees are composed of small colored motifs, mostly of nature. Though it’s a favorite among the Northerners, this saree is being liked recently by many of the younger generations. So enjoy your Onam celebration with these mighty and graceful Banarasi silk saree. 

3. Tussar silk sarees

A surprising change of silk sarees that is both trendy and conventional – all at one go are these fabulous Tussar silk sarees. These sarees are a must-have saree in your wardrobes, irrespective of the event. They are made of double yarns and are very comfortable to flaunt, even with a look of being heavy. 

Some might assume it to be a plain choice for a grand occasion, but trust me they are much more than their appearance. A simple yet charming saree choice is the preferred saree type for many young girls.

A plain saree can always be spurred around by a beautiful designer blouse. A contrasting, half-sleeved blouse can do the trick. 

4. Tissue silk sarees

A saree type that can be compared to the attitude of the teenagers – easy-going and carefree. These tissue sarees are can be worn elegantly for any event. Onam celebration is the best chance to try out such a delicate saree. They are available in a full golden hue or just even with some traces of gold in Mirra Clothing. 

These lightweight textured sarees are easy to drape and the highlight of them is they would more beautiful if worn with distinct blouse colors and types. 

5. The Handprinted beauty 

Before these varied types of silk sarees came into existence, women enjoyed the charm of the original and classic pure hand-printed silk sarees. Chastely, made with delicate silk yarns these sarees had a huge impact on women who wanted to look magnificent in sarees. Usually, this had printed work was done on half the length of the saree and with a contrasting color, of course. In this way, both the hue and the designs of the silk saree are spectacularly viewed upon. 

These soft, delicate saree pieces are very much in demand at the moment and have a huge impact on everyone who wants a vibrant change in their selection of sarees. The most appreciable part of these sarees is that they are re-worn the next day to your workplaces or for those casual evening outings as they are not too loud and a perfect fit for all events. 

Final thoughts

We, at Mirra Clothing, offer you the best silk sarees that you will ever find in the world. Each of our six drape outfits is carefully weaved with much care as we do understand how the value these sarees carry and how they can turn out to be a great heritage for you and your families. So, this Onam celebration time, do check our collection of pure silk saree and celebrate this festival with a pretty twist. 

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