Look out for the Best Traditional Sarees this Ganesh Chaturthi 2021

This is the 21st century and in India people still, cherish every tradition and culture that was brought about by their forefathers. Everyone does have a belief in their creators and we all celebrate their lives in a way of festivals. Countless festivals are celebrated with whole enthusiasm by every person here and ethnic wear is the most preferred attire for these occasions. 

Given this non-conventional era, women want to experiment with all kinds of fad that are present around them. So does that mean the once-famous women’s apparel that was composed of elegant saree and superlative salwar kameez are out of the game? Surely not. 

In fact, the typical notion of uniting tradition with modernism can also be fulfilled here, so it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

What is the perfect color saree to wear in Ganesh Chaturthi festival?

Many people in those days considered sacred colors like red, orange, green, etc to be auspicious for Ganesh Chaturthi puja. Wearing sarees and accessories of these colors are often believed to bring great joy, health, and peace of mind into your lives and our families. But with the trends rapidly changing, all hues are selected for these best features to look amazing in any clothing outfit.  

So, the best and the most effective way to pick a beautiful saree with a zillion options appearing before you are

  • Make sure you know the theme of the party.
  • Always check the pattern of the saree.
  • Check for the measurements, etc

This Ganesh Chaturthi season, we at, Mirra Clothing are here to help you figure out the smarter way to choose your saree from the small measure of saree categories that we have included in this blog. 

1. The bright red magic saree for Ganesh Chaturthi

Sarees are meant for women of all ages and so having a beautiful red saree of any fabric is a must in all wardrobes. This silk saree can be a showstopper of the event and it can be easily handled by everyone. The main highlight of the saree is the floral prints that are handprinted by our skilled artisans. This is what makes a simple saree to be the most loved outfit of the day! 

The tender feel of the silk and the artistic designs of the saree body can be a great choice of ethnicity for Ganesh Chaturthi season. People have always worn saree of specific fabrics like Jamdani and Nauvari for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. However, this silk saree can also be worn with ease as the range of silk sarees is and always will be a classic favorite among women. 

2. The pink glittery business

Georgette and chiffon sarees are always light in weight and so easy to handle. They might seem like outfits that are well suitable for workplace or casual meetings. But when a georgette saree is embellished with extraordinary thread and sequin work, it can also be a perfect color saree to wear for a grand occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Pink is surely an adorable hue on girls in general. Grooms and men of the modern world have a huge liking for this shade. So it is a must-have saree color that is most acceptable in all circumstances. A glittery blouse of the same color or a silver or golden shade can be an additional feature to the saree that can earn you many compliments. 

The important part of this saree is one would not need much makeup or accessories for this saree. This pink georgette saree is highly recommended for all skin tones and it can never get old for anyone. 

3. Royalty at heart

One of the renowned sarees that the people of India love to wear on auspicious days is silk sarees, especially the Kanjeevaram sarees. Though it has its origin and popularity from the Southern side of India, it is becoming a great trend among many women. These sarees look fantastic with huge and creative print work of flower and temple motifs. 

This royal blue-colored Kanjeevaram saree is an absolute delight for everyone and it can be the perfect color saree to wear this Ganesh Chaturthi festival, in other family pujas, and gatherings too. 

A contrasting blouse of sea green or red/maroon shade can be worn for this saree. To add more classiness to your look, one can also wear a multicolored blouse that has an off-white base. 

There is a wide and beautiful range of Kanjeevaram sarees in Mirra clothing. You should visit our website, to check the various options we possess over our collection of sarees. 

4. The evergreen designer saree for Ganesh Chaturthi

When we take a look at the celebrities or women from the elite class of the olden days, they would wear some delicate yet sophisticated outfits and sarees when it is the matter of ethnic wear. Sarees that have been customized using medium or heavy sequined work is always considered as a mandatory outfit. 

Cut down to today, these sarees still have a special place in the most clothing collection. This pastel green saree is partially transparent and the length of the saree is filled with floral work of the same shade. 

A sleeveless mint green blouse or a contrasting color that also matches the designs in the saree are some of the few choices any woman can be interested in. 

5. The illusion of the Banarasi saree for Ganesh Chaturthi

How can any festive occasion take place without experiencing the magic of beauty? Banarasi sarees or the material in general, are found mostly in the North part of India and even brides and bridesmaids are making room for their new favorite. 

This off-white Banarasi saree is a gorgeous fit for this Ganesh Chaturthi occasion as it has the silkiest effect on your body. The neat pink border and how the flower designs in multiple colors have filled the right proportion of the saree is a sight to watch out for. 


These are some of the exclusive sarees and there is much more available in Mirra Clothing to discover for this festive season. You can also choose the best-suited blouses for your favorite sarees. 

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