What is Mangalagiri silk?

Mangalagiri sarees and costume materials are a popular handloom product in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The name Mangalagiri is derived from the place Mangalagiri located some km from Vijayawada. The town of Mangalagiri is not only famous for its beautiful sarees, but also for being a pilgrimage destination. This special saree has intricate tribal […]

Why Mangalagiri silk sarees are expensive?

Mangalagiri sarees are expensive, because these sarees are unique variety, woven from cotton and has the most characteristic features such like zari on the border and no woven designs on the body. Mangalagiri fabric is produced by weaving with the help of pitlooms from combed yarn by warp and woof interlacing. The fabric then undergoes […]

Where can i Buy mangalagiri silk sarees online with best price?

Shop latest collection of mangalagiri silk cotton sarees online only on mirra clothing. we have a variety of latest sarees such as Magenta Mangalagiri Silk Saree with gold zari checks, Black Mangalagiri Silk woven in Chequered Pattern, Pink Pure Handloom Mangalagiri Silk Saree and many more. The mangalagiri silk sarees price starts from 3000 onwards

How to identify Mangalagiri sarees?

The Mangalagiri sari does not have any embellishments on its main body. It has zari or gold thread work embellished with Nizam border and pallu. These geometric and simple designs are inspired by tribal designs. Since these sarees only have a zari border and a zari on the pallu without any pattern woven on the […]

How Mangalagiri cotton was made?

Mangalagiri cotton is produced by the cotton yarn purchased from factories. This cotton thread is then boiled in water and caustic soda for a few hours before it can be dyed. If the yarn is to produce sarees of white color, it is bleached before weaving, otherwise for coloring, chemical dyes are used. After dyeing, […]

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