What is cotton silk?

Cotton silk fabric is a blend of the two fibers, bringing together the positive characteristics of each in a solitary textile. A light, velvety, silky and comfortable weave, the cotton and silk fabric has a delicate hand feel and a strong, strong and smooth shell, as well as flexibility that makes it suitable for a […]

Are cotton silk sarees available online?

Cotton silk sarees are very popular in India because of the fabric and amazing design. Mirra clothing has a plenty of collection of cotton silk sarees in latest designs and colours such as Black Cotton Silk Saree with Jamdani Weaves, Cream Cotton Silk Saree with Antique Gold Zari Weaves, Blue Cotton Silk Saree with Printed […]

How to iron cotton silk saree?

Cotton silk nothing but similar to silk sarees. follow the same method to iron cotton silk sarees as you do for silk sarees. Use very low heat or put your cotton silk saree under a cotton cloth while ironing it. The steam iron is the best option as there are almost nil chances of any […]

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