Chiffon & Cotton Sarees: Must have for your Summer wardrobe

As the summer season is fast approaching, it’s time we bring out more fun ways to keep ourselves hydrated and cool. It doesn’t just go with eatables, it depends on what we wear and how well we present ourselves to keep ourselves healthy. Sarees are an integral part of all Indian women’s wardrobes. They can be a very easy go-to outfit for all women who love sarees of all forms. Some types of sarees are just created perfectly just for summer. The two main kinds of sarees are chiffon and cotton that are not just adequate for sunny days but also a perfect choice for any circumstance and any part of the day too. Let us have a look at how and why are these two categories of sarees are making the headlines these days. 

First stop: Chiffon sarees

Chiffon sarees are the new sensation that has made a fresh and beautiful perspective of our conventional pride of sarees. Its advent has made all women fall in love with the idea of sarees and they also have made it a medium of conformity at all times. It has a very lightweight texture, the best sarees for summer, and is also stylish in every manner. 

How is it made? 

Chiffon sarees were originally made from silk threads. But after some time, the weavers had the chiffon sarees made with synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or even with a combination of both.  This would give the whole saree material a subtle feel. The material itself is soft and silky even with simple embroidery work done on the body of the saree.

It would seem somewhat transparent than the georgette or satin sarees but has a top-notch review on its durability and low maintenance that is needed to maintain the luster of the chiffon sarees for a longer duration. A chiffon saree does not need many accessories to fixate the complete look and it depends upon the occasion and your personality. A pretty pendant and a silver bracelet would be a good choice. 

Why is the best fit for summer? 

There are wonderful reasons why women must buy more chiffon sarees for summer and for any event. Some are them are:

  • They are inexpensive. Anyone can afford to buy a nice, gorgeous chiffon saree as it’s budget-friendly for everyone. There is surely no age bar for these sarees too. 
  • They are easy to drape and can be easily be worn to your workplace too. 
  • As days are passing by, there are more colors and variations in which chiffon sarees are available in the market. So they are so in style for wedding occasions too.
  • Not so heavy fabric-wise, they do not need any high-profile cleaning techniques to make you look more attractive. 

Next stop: Cotton sarees

Generally, when we think of the summer season we try to replace all our synthetic, silk, nylon clothing with comfy cotton clothes. The science behind that is, it is more moisture absorbent as most of the water droplets get evaporated easily. Cotton sarees are considered the best sarees for summer because it’s comfy and easy to carry. Cotton sarees are the most terrific and subtle clothing for a woman who wants to look arrogant and explicit all along. 

We all know that cotton fabric is extracted from natural cotton plants. Pure cotton sarees can be recognized effortlessly by their stiffness and wonderful soft touch that makes them look so expressive from the others. There are various kinds of cotton sarees that are making huge sales in the markets.

Just like any other material, cotton also was combined with other fabrics like silk, polyester, synthetic, etc to have not a detailed level of comfort but also to gain a new and vibrant range of sarees. 

Cotton sarees are popular in every state of India, surely each one having their unique distinct in them. In Kolkata, cotton sarees are immensely popular for festivals like Durga Puja. They do have a different type of weaving when compared to the Southern part of India. Here down south, one can find the Uppada or handloom sarees that are known for their hand-printed motifs on their pallus or the entire body of the saree.  

Cotton sarees may seem like a regular clothing fabric but they too deserve much appreciation and care. So top of your look with these sarees with a pair of golden danglers with even a pearl necklace to go with it.

Why does it have to be ‘cotton’ for the summer? 

  • Many people misunderstand that cotton sarees are only appropriate for workplaces or formal meetings, but this is an actual myth. So cotton sarees that are embellished with geometrical patterns or have a shimmery look with golden lining in the pallus are a perfect fit for joyous occasions too.
  • They can be washed either by dry cleaning or hand washing is just fine. They get much stronger with each wash and that’s the reason why can you find elegant cotton sarees that are still evergreen in many closets. 
  • Cotton sarees are affordable for everyone. They can always make you look lovely and relaxed at the same time.  The draping might seem like a war sometimes, but with constant practice, it is easy as a breeze. 

Final thoughts

Be it chiffon or cotton sarees, they both are unimaginably livable garments for summer climates. You can surely be more fashionable and look amazing with these sarees. There is no doubt that sarees are no less than any contemporary apparel you find anywhere. Having said that, cotton and chiffon sarees with patterns of temples, flowers, animals are handily available that are very much eligible for modern bridesmaids or wedding guests too.   

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