10 Must Have Colors of Banarasi Saree with Silver Zari Weaves

You know how they say that more than the destination, the journey is the sweetest challenge and experience that everyone needs. It is the same for any process. The making of a saree can be tedious by nature, but the efforts and the delight that is received from the weaving process cannot be replaced by any reward.

Banarasi sarees that are produced in the city of Banaras has a weaving method that ages back to 2000 years ago. Made out of pure silk threads, these sarees were popularized by the Mughal Emperor Akbar who fell in love with the sheen and gracefulness that the material itself exhibited. The word about Banarasi silk got out in no time and the next thing, the Britishers decided to manufacture a similar kind of clothing from the Banarasi fabric.

So, in this article, we will see more about the Banarasi silk fabric and explain to you how Banarasi sarees do not just look amiable with golden zari work, but silver is a great choice too.

Banarasi sarees were exclusively made from pure silk yarns and their popularity has been reaching all ends of the world, courtesy to the Mughal Empire.

At the initial stages, this fabric was in a very special way utilised to stitch gowns and clothing attire for the elite women of the palace. After its unremarkable sheen was noticed, King Akbar had ordered the royal artisans to produce curtains and other decor items out of the Banarasi silk fabric. In this way, the visitors to the palace from the western world were astonished by the purity of the material and started to get hold of this fabric by manufacturing their version of Banarasi fabric.

Banarasi sarees, as we all know are known for their unique pattern of motifs. Most banarasi saree are made of authentic silver threads as they are highlighted in the borders or by the zari work found on the length of the saree. These silver-coloured threads do serve as unsurpassed compliments to the other colour palette present in the saree itself.

It can be seen that these sarees usually take about 12 days to get weaved into the perfect attire for women, but its course depends on the fabric’s quality and the motifs if they are complex to make.

The Banarasi silk sarees are always in the best books for many, it can be rare to find someone who dislikes this elegant category of sarees. For some, it is a delicate and treasured heirloom that is passed onto them from their grandmothers or in-laws and for many, it might be the excitement of trying a new and glamorous looking Banarasi saree for the very first time.

Owning a beautiful saree that is authentically made from the sacred city of Vanaras is like a proud achievement. Just like how kings and queens of ancient times had utilised this fabric in the best way to prove their class, the elite people of the modern world have a great liking towards them.

Be it a heavily embroidered lehenga for a bride to a charmingly made saree for a wedding guest, most Indian designers are having most of their collection built from the Banarasi fabric. The more work is done on these sarees, the more expensive they are.

These sarees from Mirra Clothing that are made out of soft hues like baby pink and lilac can be a great addition to your wardrobes. Not just for festivals, they can be easily worn to work or casual meetings too.

The suitable kind of blouse can be a sparkly blouse of silver shade if you want to try to be the luxe type. A floral or a blended blouse of both silver and pink shades are some of the other options to get inspired when purchasing a blouse.

The recommended shades of a Banarasi saree with silver zari that can be worn by a bride are red, orange, green and blue. These peach and white Banarasi sarees can be used for those numerous times when a relative drops by to visit the “new bride”.

Banarasi saree with silver zari give a very royal-like feel when it is weaved in dark shades like maroon, ink blue, black or hot pink.

Banarasi sarees can be easily divided into many types based on the material itself. For example, the most delicate type are the tissue sarees and if it is a bit more translucent they can be proclaimed as Banarasi georgette sarees. Some of them are non-conventional in nature and some of these sarees are made out of pure silk threads making them more authentic to purchase.


There are no specified reasons to wear a saree especially when we are in an advanced stage as the 21st century. Every season and mood permit every woman to wear a saree and when we are talking about some evergreen sarees like these, there can’t be any doubts.

So, never wait for that special moment where you can flaunt these amazing banarasi saree with silver zari from your wardrobe. If you want to be the best version for yourself and you feel that you dressed well can promote that happiness, then just go for it. Mirra Clothing can help you purchase the best kind of latest banarasi saree with silver zari that can become a treasured good one day. So visit our site right away before the racks get empty here.

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