Mulmul Cotton Printed Saree | An Elegance Perfect For Summers

We all are well aware that in India we get to witness only the summer season most of the time, unlike the other countries of the world. In some way, we are privileged that we do not have to undergo the encounter of the frostbiting cold season but it is too bad not to watch snow too.

Our dressing sense can be pivotal based on the time spent outdoors. It was known that women have a variety of clothing pieces to choose from than men and all the fashion choices for women varied for many reasons. 

Sarees, being the ancient form of clothes was regarded by women as the supreme means of comfort and dignity. During the summer days, mulmul cotton printed saree was and is still worn commonly by all women. It doesn’t just make you feel comfortable but its delicateness and its ability to absorb sweat and make you feel gorgeous the whole time is the reason why all prefer it the most. 

In this article, we will look back at the first form of fabric with which printed cotton saree is manufactured – the mulmul fabric. A material that had the identity of a royal highness and currently holds great recognition among the weavers and sellers, these mulmul cotton sarees are worth the money. They are just meant for the hotter climate but also budget-friendly too. Let us take a deep look at how and why are they so special?  

History of the mulmul sarees

The origin of the mulmul or famously known as the Muslin fabric has been mentioned twice in history. It is believed that the mulmul material was primarily found by the Europeans as they happen to notice its reference in the old writings of the famous traveller, Marco Polo.

Before the independence, the mulmul fabric was weaved in the state of Bangladesh which is presently known as Dhaka. The Britishers noticed the impeccable quality of this priceless material and took advantage of it. They had it imported to foreign lands and tried to stop the production of pure muslin cloth in India. 

But since the weavers of India were pure and real artists of the original fabric, the British people found it difficult to duplicate the hard efforts of our artisans, so they abruptly had the weaving process at a standstill. 

But now that most of our talented designers are recognizing the age-old art forms of dyes and fabrics, mulmul fabric and printed cotton saree made out of them is largely prevailing. 

This mulmul fabric was so prevalent in the 80s era, that they were also included in the lyrics of some old Bollywood songs too. Such was its elegance and demand in those days too. 

Why are they meant for the ‘sunny’ days?

As mentioned before, cotton sarees are famously known for their self-respect and the pride they provide for each Indian woman. So it only feels right when we wear these delicate sarees that are made of the finest muslin cloth. They also come in various shades and with the best prints that are very attractive for all occasions – both casual and formal. 

What is more, needed to stay sane and be your best during the hot days? The mulmul cotton printed saree is the perfect fit for the times when you feel blessed for having selected a nice outfit for the day. 

How sole are these sarees?

Unlike the regular cotton sarees, this clothing does not shrink away with every wash. People who wear the mulmul sarees habitually have found that they get softer and sturdier each time it is precisely washed by hand. 

The mulmul cotton printed saree from Mirra Clothing is dyed using earthy tones like indigo blue or red. The base is mostly an off-white or beige shade so serves as the greatest palette to experiment with many different hues. 

As the Indian artisans who worked on this fabric are all now settled in the city of Bengal, most of the work is done and sold throughout the world. Locally it is sold off for reasonable prices, which makes them more suitable for daily usage also.

For the tough homemakers, they can also try these sarees which is super absorbent of sweat and dust and it dries pretty soon after a wash. 

The existing state of the drapery

In Mirra Clothing, you can find this kind of exquisite sarees all around the year. They are available in many different ranges and are very low costs too. Fashion designers around the globe are also getting a lot of interest to design on this mulmul cotton fabric. They are initiated in these sarees as they are not just easily available and take less time in the making process. But also because they possess a lot of Indianess in their style and drapes too. 

Not just virtually, but the mulmul cotton printed saree can be bought in many top clothing brands of India, making them much popular among women of all ages and variations. 

The final verdict 

This lightweight fabric which was much famous among most Muslim cities of the olden age can be purchased easily anywhere. You cannot miss out on these fuss-free, super soft and easy-going sarees that are meant to elevate the happiness that all experience while buying new sarees. 

Don’t wait any longer to buy these beautiful sarees from our website, Mirra Clothing. 

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