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Lilac Pure Tussar Silk Saree in dual shade with Tissue Silk Zari Weaves

The textile industry in our country has been always talked about and it is surely one of the ancient and successful practices that the people of India have even adopted. It stretches back to the period of the Indus Valley civilization where clothes were given subtle colors using natural dyes like indigo, red. This practice is still famous in many parts of India and they are very proud of this art. 

India is known for its hard work and dedication towards every field that exists and this is something that we teach the next generations without compromising. As each state is unique with its climatic condition and culture, this helps them to cultivate their specialty of goods according to their needs.  

Similarly, sarees too were created in the earlier days and it has attained such a reach among many in the world that its versatility and grace is something that everyone craves for. One such type of saree fabric that has taken the fashion world by storm is the Tussar sarees. Let us take a look at its birth, its fame in just a short period, and its contemporary state in a women’s wardrobe.  

How was TUSSAR SILK SAREES invented?

Silk sarees have always had a very special place in every heart as it just envisions a marvelous personality and an undeniable charm to the wearer. It just showcases the wearer in the brightest manner in the entire room. It is not unknown to some that the silk for the Tussar sarees is extracted from the silkworm that is found in the wild forests of India from the interiors of Jharkhand and Bihar. 

Antheraea mylitta, a varied species of silkworm is used in the making of Tussar silk sarees. They are famously known for giving out naturally gold-colored threads. The cocoons are normally boiled at a high temperature to haul out the excess silk out of the moths. There is also another distinguished variant called Ahimsa silk which is obtained by natural means, i.e., when the larvae do leave their cocoons are then boiled which is a less harmless way. 

Production of the Tussar silk sarees

Tussar silk sarees are a little distinct from other pure silk sarees. The uniqueness in the weaving method, durability, motif designs, and prominence all account for it. After finishing the most challenging step – extracting the silk, they are cleaned up thoroughly and prepared for the weaving process. It is believed that the weaving of these sarees is done magnificently well by the tribal people. Their exquisite skills in the art of weaving are beyond imagination. 

Even though we see immense productivity of the Tussar sarees in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, the weaving process that is done in Mysore, Orissa and West Bengal are very much astonishing. 

Its popularity midst the others

Just like the beautiful chiffon or georgette sarees, these Tussar silk sarees are most probably know for their gentle texture and it has the lightest fabric that is suitable for all seasons. This is a great choice for beginners who want a delightful saree experience. A perfect alternative for someone who wants to replace the same old salwar kameez or a dull-colored cotton saree. Every working woman can find their own Tussar saree, the one that precisely matches their personality and attitude. After work hours, this saree can also serve as a neat outfit choice for a casual meeting too. 

Due to the tiny pores that are present in the saree, it makes it more breathable for the busy hot days and it can also absorb the sweat which makes it comfortable for you to work or enjoy without a greasy look or tired posture. It might seem like these sarees are more fit for daily wear than for rare occasions, but it is not so.

There is no need for any reason as to why a silk saree cannot be worn just because it is not too fancy. But you must know that the latest trend is sarees with never seen hues or sarees with half-half colors. 

Maintenance of the silk 

This silk fabric is the lightest material anyone can come across which obviously means ‘extra caution is a good maintenance tip. You can either dry clean or wash these sarees gently with soft chemicals by hand. Too much drying time must be avoided especially for the brighter shades. Never store these kinds of delicate sarees in a plastic cover as there are chances that they might be compromised and leave some long-lasting wrinkles. So it would be wise to pack your silk sarees in a neat, cloth or muslin bag. 

Final verdict 

Imagine you are wearing a white-colored Tussar saree with a flattering silvered red border, with the pallus hugging your body and attenuating your curves in the most dashing way. If this is not beauty, then what is? Enjoy the seaming glamour of these silk sarees and get ready to be flooded with compliments from whomever you come across. We, at Mirra clothing, guarantee you the best online shopping experience which helps you to purchase from the most amazing collection of Tussar silk sarees at the best prices.

They are conventional with a modernized view of perspective too which is practically what all women need now. One can find never seen before sarees colors that will look absolutely stunning on every Indian skin tone. So wait no more, grab these finest sarees at the coolest prices now. 

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