Saree For Teej Festival – Hariyali Teej Special 2021

All festivals and special occasions similar to them are celebrated with high passion and great happiness. Every year it just gets bigger and better. Though many endless festive events occur in the Northern and Southern parts of India, few of them hold a lot of significance and sentiments for women. Hariyali Teej is an event that highlights the martial union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The legends believe that those married women who hold fast, the couple would be abundantly blessed by the holy couple. On teej festival, women dress up in gorgeous ethnic wear preferably saree and they celebrate it with much devotion. 

During this celebration of Teej festival, women get dressed up in ornaments and saree that are green in color. It is considered auspicious and conventional. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the wondrous that are present in our Mirra Clothing website and try to understand the beauty behind each of their saree and how match-able it is for every event. 

The story behind the celebration

It is believed that the event of Hariyali Teej is a notable festival as it is celebrated to honor the matrimonial union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The concept behind fasting is because Goddess Parvati too fasted as she wanted to have a long, blissful marital life with Shiva. Women from Rajasthan where this festival is celebrated with much joy, fast for their husbands to have a long, prosperous life.

How is it celebrated and where?

Why green is given some much importance on this special occasion? It is because Hariyali means ‘green’ and this festival also indicates the beginning of the monsoon season. So good rains are well excepted and that is one of the reasons prayed are offered to the holy couple. In the whole of North India, especially in places like Rajasthan and Punjab, it is observed with much respect. Henna is mandatory on this day and it is applied on all women’s palms, married or unmarried. The unmarried girls, hold fast hoping for a successful and respectable husband. 

Special sarees that are worn for teej festival

Kanjivaram silk sarees

A classic choice for any festive event is these sarees. They are a little on the heavier side but are worth every drape. Purchasing a green Kanjivaram silk saree for teej festival can provide you with an ample blouse color selection like a red-colored one or an orange one can also be much suitable. 

The queen of all silk sarees, it would be very disappointing if you do not try to buy your first silk saree from Mirra Clothing. The newlywed brides can surely try this saree to make you look like a princess for another day. 

Organza sarees

Best known as the millennial saree, this saree is for beginners in the saree world. These organza sarees usually arrive in wonderful designs fully with contrasting red floral prints. 

They might seem delicate and light-weight but they are stronger than that as their weaving process is such a tedious process making sure the strands are firm as ever. 

Many inappropriate remarks are stating that women who are a little over 40 years or who are on the bustier side, cannot even try to think of draping this kind of saree. But this is completely untrue. If the drapes are done explicitly well, then this saree is suitable for every person and perfect for teej festival. 

Banarasi silk sarees

Another wonderful creation under the category of pure silk sarees is these Banarasi silk sarees. They are found in almost any festive event that is celebrated by the North Indians. As it has a special significance from its birthplace, it is very popular there. Banarasi silk saree is a beautiful fit for all women celebrating the Hariyali Teej festival, what more can be grander than these sarees? 

A plain green Banarasi saree or a red shaded Banarasi saree with small flower golden motifs can both be amazing choices for the event. A contrasting blouse for the same will make the outfit look more pleasing. 

Tissue silk saree 

The light-weight saree which has a feather-like appearance and is smooth as silk are these Tissue sarees. Those who are beginners can try these sarees as just flaunting them in a single pleat is easier and much attractive. For the young brides, these sarees would be a bright idea to celebrate as they would already have a lot of attention upon them. So this saree choice will not disappoint you. 

It is available in several shades mixed with variants of green. So make sure you take out time to choose the best one for you. 

Ombre chiffon saree

Imagine a saree that has half-half color and is also easy to manage because of its less weight. We present to you our very own ombre chiffon sarees. One part of the saree is in a lighter green dye and the other bottom half is shaded with a little darker green color. So this doesn’t give the saree a pretty lol but also helps the wearer to have all colors in one outfit and to wear any kind of accessories she wants as all of them will surely go well with the ombre saree.


What is so special and distinct about purchasing Hariyali Teej festival special saree in Mirra Clothing? Here we do not just have the well-known fabric sarees available for you to buy, but each of our saree has a special feature that makes it stand out from others. We offer them at the best prices and also offer advice on the type of matching blouse and accessories. These excellent quality sarees are suitable for every woman who wants to look like a diva on this day. 


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