Must Wear Sankranti Special Black Sarees in 2022

Black Banarasi Silk Saree with Gold Zari Weaves

A festival that celebrates the color of black? A color that is considered inauspicious by our forefathers and the elders of the family, Makar Sankranti is a special occasion where men, women, and children observe this festive occasion with black-colored dresses. But before anything, Check out this blog that gives you a clear insight about our flattering collection of sankranti special black sarees. We are sure that you will not return back unhappy and will want to come back very soon.

Make a Sankranti being a wonderful festival for all farmers as it’s the harvest festival and the end of the cold climate. Sankranti has many versions in all parts of India but it is especially famous in the region of Maharastra. 

There are many stories for why black is worn compulsorily for Sankranti. Since many festivals are celebrated for the best reason of good winning over evil, what better way to celebrate evil being destroyed. Another reason can also be since it’s the beginning of the spring season, there are many hints of chillness in the weather. So black can help people stay warm for the first grand festival of the year. 

For women of all age groups and backgrounds, we have some great black coloured sarees to drape for Sankranti. There is a saree for everyone in each fabric, weave and draping style too in Mirra Clothing.


Sankranti Special Black Silk sarees

There is nothing more supreme than flaunting an extraordinary silk saree for a special festive event as this. There are many pure silk sarees that one can choose from and also, they can be purchased with a lighter fabric like Chanderi or Tissue silk blended with the material of the saree. 

A rougher fabric like cotton or Banarasi silk saree can be both comfortable and grand to wear. They are exclusively made for magnificent circumstances like these. Mirra Clothing has a perfect blend of silk with every fabric a woman can think of at the moment. 

Be it the rich Banarasi silk saree or the printed silk saree, the color black is always well suited for women of all ages and sizes. The fabrics and art prints that we have ever been through has a lot of distinct features and popularity. So, when you are buying a lovel black saree or yourself or a friend, explore all the silk sarees options carefully!

Pure silk sarees are very smooth and flexible to blend into the crowd. They are usually expensive by nature and are available in many distinct shades. 

Take a look at the above mentioned sarees that will give you a rough idea on what to except from our online store. 


Sankranti Special Black Cotton sarees

There can be nothing better than putting your comfort zone before your level of glam while dressing up for an important event. Sarees were and are still meant for showing off the pride and dignity of Indian women. There is no better way than to express it by draping the finest quality of cotton sarees for festivals like Sankranti. 

Cotton sarees generally shines out a dignified and respectable image of yourselves, irrespective of the venue or the situation. So, you can confidently select a grand looking cotton saree that is easy to wear. 

Be careful with the pleats as a small mistake can make the pleats look bigger. Cotton material being stiffer in nature can cause a huge racket if not tied well. We do happen to have simple cotton sarees that one can very well wear for an intimate puja function at home or for someone who wants to celebrate the event in a low-key manner. 

But grand occasions call for innovative dressing. So, we present to you some hand embroidered jamdani sarees that has a majority ratio of the cotton material.

If you going to wear a simple saree, then make sure your blouse gets the most attention. Wear a contrasting shaded or the one with minute but wonderful motifs blouse. 

Check : Cotton Saree Collection

Sankranti Special Black Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are a unique and ancient type of saree style that often reminds us that old is gold. Their weaving pattern and the excellent craftmanship that is involved in its making which is so very clearly visible in the final outcome of the saree. 

It does take around 12-15 days to make one perfect Banarasi saree depending completely on the heavy the zari work is in demand. Wear a heavy embroidered Banarasi silk saree with a simple blouse that has dual tones or a distinct neckline. It can go the opposite way too and the complete look totally depends on the circumstance, climate, ingenuity too.  

Black with golden shade or reddish border can definitely highlight your body and its natural curves too. As the colour black is commonly a slimming shade, you can turn your attention to your ravishing accessories like hair jewellery, earrings, bangles or a statement necklace. 

Check : Banarasi Saree Collection


So, these are some of the varied collections of black sarees that are currently available for the upcoming Makar Sankranti season. Some of them are very grand to wear while some of them can be worn with a carefree attitude. 

Mirra Clothing also offers you matching blouse that one can select for these sankranti special black sarees. For most Banarasi sarees, a dull golden colored blouse with some black beads stitched to the edge off the sleeve will be a fantastic look.

So choose which saree matched which kind of blouse and a very happy and safe Makar Sankranti. 

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