Georgette Sarees With Zari Work | Exclusive Party-Wear Trend 2022

Black Banarasi Silk Saree In Georgette with woven zari motifs

Sarees are one of the traditional kinds of clothing that were discovered about 3000 years ago. It was introduced into the world with the mere idea of providing women with a type of attire that can protect and give them full conformity as they handle their households. The sarees have taken a great evolution by the way of draping, the quality, and quantity of authentic weaving methods, the costs, etc. Georgette sarees with zari work are a well-known fabric material for sarees. It has been found only in recent years and there is a strong reason for its origin. 

Chiffon sarees as we all know are transparent, free-flowing, lightweight saree that can be worn to workplaces and if they have additional delicate embroidery work, they can be worn for grand occasions too. In the year 1800, a French dress designer found the georgette fabric which was more opaque and had a natural crushed-like feel that made it more likeable among the women population. Georgette sarees were primarily used for casual purposes due to their lightweight appearance that helps women to carry on with their daily chores with no difficulty. Let us know more about the georgette fabric and the fantastic sarees with zari work that are made out of them in this blog. 

How is Georgette made? 

Usually, the georgette weaves are made out of satin or jacquard threads based on the plain material which is being utilized as a base. Two threads of the same kind are twisted together to make it into a z -twist and s – twist.  

These twists are the signature style of the georgette sarees with zari work which give it a crushed look. This special characteristic makes the georgette sarees to be more favourable than the chiffon sarees. 

In the initial days when the georgette material was born, it was only exclusively available for the elite people, as it was made of pure silk threads. 

The soft texture made everyone want to have a taste of the fabric. So the local weavers tried to achieve the same kind of soft pattern and utilized rayon threads for the same. 

This was made in many other ways in the upcoming years and people loved every way the georgette was wilted and bent to. 

Types of Georgette fabric 

In the initial times, sarees and dress materials were made out of pure georgette material which made it very easy to wear. Soon many designers started to combine other fabrics with the georgette material to make it stiffer and make it more interesting to look and drape. Georgette fabric being thinner than its parallels, it can easily be attached with other materials too. 

There are many kinds of georgette sarees with zari work that are available in the market. The popular types are mentioned here: 

Embroidery georgette sarees 

These sarees are generally made of pure and soft georgette fabric. To make it look more attractive and appealing, the sarees are embellished very well with beautiful sequin works of the same or another contrasting colour. 

People might mistake it for being a little heavy to handle, but it is just on the opposite side. These sarees are apt for the festive seasons and you can surely gift them to the perfect person. 

The blouses that are suitable for the completed sequinned sarees can be sleeveless or standard golden and silvered sequinned blouses. 

One can purchase such delicately made georgette sarees from Mirra Clothing where the experts here also will suggest the type of blouses that will best suit these sarees. 

2. Ombre georgette sarees 

Ombre sarees are itself a delight to wear regardless of the material that is made out of. Georgette sarees designed in the ombre pattern – any two colours blended well into one saree length are widely excepted are widely accepted and a wonder to wear for various occasions both conventional and modern too. 

Selecting the blouse design and colour for these sarees is interesting as it’s not just you have two hues to choose from but you can always add in a third person to accentuate the outfit. 

As they are not mixed with other materials, the ombre sarees must be maintained with additional care. 

3. Banarasi georgette sarees

The most popular type of georgette sarees that is commonly liked by the women population is these Banarasi georgette sarees with zari work all over. Generally, Banarasi sarees are made with heavy zari work but when the georgette clothing is attached to it, the total ratio of Banarasi silk fabric is reduced and compensated with the lighter element. 

This makes the saree not just light but appropriate for a casual get together meeting without making you feel that you are dressed too traditionally. 

Obviously, the golden work that sets the Banarasi sarees on the top level or the favourite list is found on most of these sarees. 

Every woman would elegantly be looking like a diva when she drapes one of the Banarasi georgette sarees with zari work purchased from Mirra Clothing. 

The final verdict 

This is about the georgette sarees with zari work that have always been in high demand and women cannot get enough of them. 

The sarees that were first utilised only for casual and workwear is now found in most special and festive circumstances. 

In Mirra Clothing, there is a sea of georgette sarees with zari work where each one of them has a special variation. We are sure you would definitely find it hard to select the best ones out of the whole lot. 

We are just assuring you that there is something for everyone here. 

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