Teacher’s Day Sarees | 8 Trendy Saree & Blouse design to rock this day

For many people, our first memory of a saree might be the one where your mother wears it every day to her workplace or her wedding trousseau. As we were younger, we always saw the way our teachers dressed up and tried to imitate it at some point. We observe how they can manage these seven drapes of clothing with so much ease and confidence. Teachers are the greatest pillars who shape the future of tomorrow. They are very examples of bravery, hard work, and style too! As we will be celebrating Teacher’s Day very soon, let us take a look at eight of the best Teacher’s day sarees and blouse collections from Mirra Clothing for all dedicated teachers and for the younger minds to aspire to become an educator one day. 

1. Linen Cotton Sarees

The relationship between a teacher and a cotton saree is a golden affair. The perfect draping of pleats and a stiff act of the saree make the wearer be comfortable and look amazing in the saree. The cotton sarees are the best choice for a teacher as they are always on the run and need to look pleasant as they are the center of attention. 

On a special occasion like teacher’s day, navy-blue cotton sarees combined with a common cotton blouse can be a relaxing and attentive option for all teachers. Cotton sarees are well suited for teachers of all ages. 

2. Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree with Handblock prints

Special outfits are very much in demand on many auspicious occasions. Silk sarees always grace their presence in all distinct events. But a grand silk saree that draws too much attention is not something many teachers would be comfortable in. 

So for all those who find pleasure in keeping it minimal when it comes to dressing up, this black-colored silk saree is just for you, folks! The interesting part of this saree is that the whole length is filled with small yet attractive print work done by the expert artisans of Ajrakh. 

It can be happily worn with a designer silk blouse or the same shade and the sleeves must be altered to anything appropriate. This saree is soft and hence can be lightweight for the hard-working educators who are always on their toes. A black-colored silk blouse with minimal embellishment or a half-sleeved floral blouse can be worn with this saree. 

3. Cream Coloured Saree With Gold Zari Weaves

A cream-colored saree is a neutral option for all women. It means anyone can be there for all kinds of occasions – be it grand or a casual meeting too. This saree is composed of elegant golden zari work that gives it a neat structure. If this saree is worn in just one pleat, then it can definitely be a showstopper, but nothing beats the neatly pleated six to seven pleats that define the exquisiteness of being a teacher. 

When you wear a saree that is as dreamy as the occasion, then the design of the blouse can be a little tedious in comparison. For example, a beautiful silk saree can surely demand a grander-looking blouse. But a contrasting grey or black shaded blouse that has some lovely floral prints or motifs can be a great change or fad too. 

4. Sea Green Color Saree With Gold Border

Banarasi and Kanjivaram sarees always have a unique place in every woman’s heart. It can be worn in the form of skirts, salwar sets, and also dupattas. Sarees of these fabrics are always in the trend and an elegant green saree like this can also be worn by teachers on this day. 

The highlight of the seven drapes is it is filled with many multicolored floral prints that leave anyone mesmerizing by just looking at the saree. It can also be gifted to your favorite teacher. 

A sea-green colored blouse with less work or a dull cream blouse can be worn.

5. Purple Color Saree With Pink/Yellow Contrast

A half-half saree may seem like a distraction for the audience and an exaggerating option for teachers. But why don’t you think like this? You are the star of the occasion and people are really anticipating seeing you in your best, do you really want to disappoint someone like that? 

So this purple-shaded saree with the right hint of the pink border can be an honor to drape in. Match it well with a hot pink or purple sequined blouse and a cute and small silver border at the end. 

6. Silver Saree With Minimal Design

This is another classic example of blending a plain but gorgeous white silk saree with a fully decorated floral printed blouse. This saree can really make hearts stop and create a large board of inspiration for your colleagues and students alike. 

Kota silk sarees are one of the rare collections of Mirra Clothing and the best fit for celebrating Teacher’s Day. The blouse can be of beige or pure white shade with minimal random designs will work out for the greatest. 

7. Shaded Ombre Georgette Saree

A georgette saree is a usual attire for a teacher or in general for all working women. It is easy to work around and is also easy to drape around your body. Wearing a rich georgette saree that is also an on re saree-like is a double delight. Being a rare color palette in clothing, Mauve, especially in saree collections, will be the cherry on the cake. 

A dark mauve-colored blouse that has a boatneck design and a 3/4rd sleeve can be found suitable for this saree. This saree is a very good example for saying that wearing a heavily embellished saree with zari work on blouses is not the only option to celebrate an event. Simple sarees like this georgette saree can change the rules for once. Ombre pure Tissue Chiffon Saree will also look equally beautiful.

8. Pure Silk Saree With Handpainted Florals

People of India have different skin tones according to the environment they reside in. Every skin tone deserves the same respect and admiration as the others. In the earlier days, some hues were set aside for certain skin tones or in other words, found to be opposite for them. This rule is being erased from many perspectives and people’s minds too,

Bright colors like red, orange, yellow, etc are now being proudly worn by people of all generations and diversities. For all those teachers who work hard day and night, irrespective of where they arrive or are destined to end, this yellow silk saree is like a souvenir for you. 

It has a high level of trendiness but the tradition can surely tag along here with a well-designed silk blouse of cream or off-white shade. 


These are some of the extraordinary sarees collections of Mirra Clothing especially presented for those dedicated and passionate beings on Earth this Teacher’s day. 

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