Traditional Gota Patti Saree to Enhance Your Beauty

While weaving a saree there are many fabrics and designs involved that makes each of them very unique and pleasant to wear or simply to just admire. It is common for women to choose their clothing wardrobe according to the latest trends and styles that exist around them. But there are many simple-minded yet commendable people who appreciate the antique kind of designer sarees whose worth never drop down. One such saree design that is found in most sarees sold in the western and eastern parts of India is the Gota Patti saree. 

Commonly known to many as the Lappe ka Kaam, this is a very famous art form of weaving beautiful motifs of different fabrics or shades into other plain sarees. This not just gives a fresh perspective to the entire length of the saree but also enhances the creative level of the artisans. The effortless yet inspiring designs of the Gota Patti saree patterns are well-spoken around the country. 

Let us have a look at where it all got started for the Gota Patti forms, how crucial its productivity is to the country and for the fashionable people and how well it has blended into the apparel of the modern era of the fashionistas. 

What is Gota Patti?

Unlike fabrics, Gota Patti are designs or moreover, they are motifs like patterns that are stitched up in clothing like turbans or plain dupattas. They were popularized by the royal families of Rajasthan which is also its birthplace. The city of Rajasthan has always been known for its intricate yet authentic art and craft techniques in which some of which have a special place in the fashion world from the ancient ages.  The weavers of this art type are from Ajmer, Jaipur, Kota, etc which also has to be the central point for the manufacture of many Gota Patti saree designs. 

The weaving method

Initially, the pattern is made roughly on a stretched out cloth with the usage of chalk powder. It is then drawn on the actual fabric with a stencil. 

The weaving process of a Gota Patti design goes something like this – a string of golden or shiny silver threads have dwindled together and they are stitched in the shapes of small trees, flowers, temples, leaves, animals, geometrical patterns or any other random objects that showcase Indian culture. These motifs are generally done on lighter fabrics like georgette, chiffon, cotton so along with the opaque nature of the mentioned fabrics, the designs will just glow lovingly and even better compliment the outfit. To increase the exquisiteness, the royalists had used some multi-coloured beetle shells to provide some kind of metallic finish to their clothes. This has now made the designers in a later age replace the threads with metallic sequins or glittery mirror work. 

Sometimes the border of these patterns is well outlined with the thread colour of the outfit to provide a more impressive embroidery work. The saree or suit sets that have big Gota Patti designs made on them were used only for auspicious purposes for draping the temple idols on special occasions. It was of course used exclusively by the royal members which is the other reason why there are considered very traditional too. 

Where can you find it today?

Widely found flawless in most bride’s attires of many fabrics and even in simple garments that just needs a little shine, the Gota Patti patterns are mostly seen in chikankari Kurti and saree. They are a deadly combination and the contrasting blend of colours just does the magic of showcasing only the diva side of every woman who chooses this look. 

The artisans who initially were part of this invention have been passing the traditional making of the Gota Patti motifs so the upcoming generations do not forget this wonderful art form and also alter it in such a way that people would fall in love with it them again and again. The best part of everyone going gaga over these designs is because no matter how detailed it is stitched on your outfits, it never gives you the feeling of heaviness by your sarees. Both the fabric and the work are light in weight which makes it very lady to dance and enjoy the party calmly!

Gota Patti designs have also found their way into cushion covers, doormats, clutches, juttis, etc apart from the Indian ethnic wear. These sarees are beautifully crafted by the special artisans from Mirra Clothing is like flaunting a dream. They are super easy to wear and have great strength in every weave. 

And that’s a wrap

Many adorable saree collections consist of extraordinary Gota Patti motifs that are suitable for mostly festive circumstances and not so glam casual get-togethers too. Easy to maintain and handle, they have to dry cleaned if possible or a mild hand wash would be great. 

This could be the best possible that you could gift for your sister’s wedding anniversary or for your mom’s birthday too.  The blouse choices that you pull off with the Gota Patti are plenty. You can try out the amazing blouse pieces that are made out of distinct hues which are well contrasted yet not overshadowing the saree’s colour. One can always try to match the blouse’s shade with the border’s design or colour if it is unique from the saree’s colour. 

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