what is Tissue silk sarees?

Tissue sarees are one of the most delicate and feminine forms of sarees. They are so named because they are woven with extremely fine silk threads which give it the look and texture of tissue paper. When it comes to silk sarees, Tissue sarees are one of the most famous and coveted sarees in the […]

How to maintain silk tissue sarees?

Tissue silk sarees are delicate fabrics and require good care. They should never be put in a washing machine as they could tear, which is why it is much safer to dry clean them. They should not be hung from hangers for long periods of time, as they could lose their shape. Always keep them […]

Is tissue silk sarees are expensive?

Tissue silk sarees are extremely popular and widely praised. Tissue silk is believed to be of the highest quality in terms of durability and aesthetics. This type of saree incorporates either gold brocade or silver brocade, depending on the design of the saree itself, which is why it is one of the most popular sarees […]

Any styling tips for Tissue silk sarees?

Tissue silk are usually worn on very formal or semi-formal occasions or events, which means their style is extremely simple. Women generally tend to adhere to the aesthetics of such events. They are most often seen at weddings and ceremonies. Whoever wears them becomes the cynosure and you can still spot them with heavy Indian […]

Which is the best site to buy tissue silk sarees online?

If you are looking for best collection of tissue silk sarees online, then Mirra clothing is the best site to buy tissue silk sarees online. we have a collection of various colours and design such as Gold Tissue Organza Silk Saree, Peach Tissue Silk Saree with zari weaves, Pastel Yellow Tissue Silk Saree with zari […]

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