What is Jute silk sarees?

Jute Silk is one such type of saree made by Jute Fibers. It is first removed from the plant and then scrapped to remove foreign fibers and treated with chemicals to make it soft and smooth. Jute sarees are unique because of their color and texture. Usually, jute is mixed with other materials to improve […]

How to wash jute silk sarees?

Fill a basin with cold or lukewarm water and add a few drops of a mild detergent suitable for silk. You can even use a mild body soap – something like baby soap would be ideal. 2.Soak your clothes for about five minutes. 3.Drain the water from the bowl and fill it with cold water, […]

Is jute silk soft?

During the chemical step of the jute silk manufacturing process, chemicals are added to the fibers to turn the jute into a nice, soft and comfortable yarn. Obviously not all jute fibers are treated in this process like burlap bags etc are quite rough when you get your hands on them. The jute silk that […]

How to iron Jute silk saree?

Use very low heat or put your jute silk saree under a cotton cloth while ironing it. The steam iron is the best option as there are almost nil chances of any harm happening to the silk saree.

Is Jute Silk?

No, jute silk is not silk and the material is not from animals. Instead, it mainly comes from the white jute plant which can be grown in different climates. Also, there is a Tossa jute plant which would be the better of the two plants for the fabric. However, this second plant is more difficult […]

What is the price of Jute silk sarees?

Mirra clothing offers a wide range of jute silk sarees online in various designs and colors such as Pink Jute Silk Saree with Kotki Weaves, Teal Blue Jute Silk Saree with Woven Elephant Motifs, Teal Jute Silk Saree with Kotki Weaves. The jute sarees price starts from 3000 onwards..

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