What is a jamdani saree?

Jamdani is a denotation of the aristocracy. Jamdani or Jamdani is a fine art weave attachment, intended to enhance the look and appeal of the saree on which it is hand woven. It is also considered a hand-woven technique that creates patterns of various colors and designs on cotton or silk sarees. Jamdani sarees are […]

How to identify jamdani sarees?

Jamdani is a weaving technique that uses extra weft to create a pattern. Each hand woven jamdani saree is made of warp and weft. In Jamdani, in addition to the first horizontal additional weft, an additional weft is introduced. This weft is then continued with the weave to create a pattern along the weave, so […]

Where to buy for jamdani sarees online?

Mirra clothing has a lot of collection of jamdani sarees available in various colors such as Grey Muslin Silk Jamdani Saree, Mint Green Muslin Silk Jamdani Saree, Lemon Yellow Muslin Silk Jamdani Saree, White Cotton Jamdani Saree and many more. The price of jamdani sarees starts from 1999 onwards

Where do I get original muslin jamdani saree?

The original Jamdani chiffon sarees are not very hard to find. Mirra Clothing is an online store that sells beautiful Jamdani sarees online at an best price. There is a huge range of jamdani sarees. Mirra Clothing never compromises on the quality of sarees. we currently provides delivery to all over India and other countries […]

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